Two weeks ago, the two largest super yachts from Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich in Turkey found two secure ports. After being quietly around the “Eclipse” and the “Solaris” in the last few days, one of the ships now dared to a small walk.

How to remove the tracking data on the portal “MarineTraffic”, the “Solaris” on Monday morning left the port of Bodrum and put on a small jumper.

The mega yacht had arrived in Bodrum on March 21st, after she seemed to be aimlessly for days through the Mediterranean. The arrival of the “Solaris” in Turkey was accompanied with a protest of some Ukrainian sailors who wanted to prevent the creation of the yacht.

After leaving on Monday, the “Solaris” first rounded the Bodrum Peninsula and then went off the coastal town of Yalıkavak for noon before anchor.

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Yachts withdrawn the access of the authorities

Whether “Solaris” returns to Bodrum in the course of the day, the night in Yalıkavak bay spends or a new target is not known. It is clear that the options for Abramovich’s ships are limited, Turkey is the only resort in Europe.

One day before the British sanctions came into force against Russian oligarchs, the “Solaris” was still in the harbor of Barcelona. When initially the British and little later the EU sanctions were decided, the nearly 140 meter long ship was already on the high seas and thus escaped the access of the authorities.