Very long months after a clearable launch, Efootball 2022 offers a new start with the arrival of its version 1.0. If the nomenclature is obviously, the game of the game in September has never been described as Early Access_, it will especially know if the shot can still be rectified.

Even if you are not a football, you will probably have heard of the chaotic start of Efootball 2022 in the fall last. He signed the passage of PES fire at free-to-play and a new engine, the Unreal Engine, after a sabbatical year, during which Konami had chosen to simply update the number of his previous edition. Truffle worries, displaying gaping gaps in terms of gameplay, this new grind has logically wiped a sacred fly of green wood, forcing Konami to put it back on the job.

She comes back on April 14 with a literary of promises. The press release indicates that the development team would have worked with “research institutes in Japan_” to improve the behavior of the balloon on the ground, depending on different factors. EFOOTBALL 2022 will also embark a new feature, which will support all types of pass and shots through a pressure on a trigger and in exchange for slower animation. The desktop of the teammate finally makes its return, as well as the framing that allows the defender to stay in front of his opponent.

This 1.0 is mainly for Konami the opportunity to launch its equipe mode of dream, heir to the MyClub and derived from the fifa ultimate team, which will work on a seasonal pace, with themes every new season.

In the meantime that we go to see by ourselves the possible progress of this new version, you can always read our impressions about what Efootball 2022 was ** in the fall, history of getting an idea of the work that it remains to accomplish.


New E-FOOTBALL 2022 Version 1.0.0 Trailer

EFOOTBALL 2022 – Season 1 trailer