V Rising – the upcoming game about vampires for survival, in which there is crafting, PVE, PVP and much more. You take on the role of a weakened vampire, awakened after age-old sleep. You decide to restore your castle and manage the human population. It can make you think about the date of the V Rising.

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for v rising. Stunlock Studios developer in the past spent closed beta tests for selected players. So there is no release date, V Rising is published in early access .

When will Early Access to V Rising?

V Rising will be released in Early Access 17 May , 2022 . This will allow players to try the game in incomplete condition and get direct experience to complete release. Stunlock Studios is likely to update the game by providing more content to which you can enjoy during the early access period.

V Rising - Closed Beta Trailer
For those who want to wait for a complete release, you may need some time depending on how long V Rising remains in early access. But if you prefer to jump and live your best vampire life, you can do it on May 17! Follow the V Growth Twitter for more information!

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