After the dramatic defeat in the play-in tournament, the playoffs have been found for the first time since the 2017/18 season again without the L.a. Clipper. The game against the Pelicans was a decal of the season, again lacked Paul George an important player at short notice. Head Coach Tyron Lue still looks optimistic about the future.

That it would not be enough for a use of Kawhi Leonard stood early. Two-Fold Finals-MVP continues to recover from a cruciate ligament injury and did not play a single season game. Lawrence Frank, President of Basketball Operations, now explained that Leonard progresses make progress, but there still no schedule for a possible return.

Bitterer was with regard to the 101: 105 against New Orleans, however, the lack of George, which was included in the Corona protocol of the league. Thus, the superstar duo was not available. In addition, in Luke Kennard, one of the best triangiers of the league missed, he already missed the first play-in game against the Timberwolves. For George and Kennard, Nicolas Batum and Terance man started with reputation, as the Pels dominated the first half.

But L.a. Returned, played in the second half of Small-Ball Lineups without Ivica Zubac and turned the game. With a 10-point lead, it went to the final quarter, but a 14: 1-run of the Pels caused a balanced game before 7 other unanswered points hit the pendulum in favor of the guests.

Tyronn Lue Postgame Interview | Los Angeles Clippers lose to New Orleans Pelicans 105-101
“I’m disappointed that we did not reach the playoffs. There is no role, who played,” said Clippers-Head Coach Lue, addressed to the failures. For the first time as a head coach, he could not qualify for the playoffs. “I had the feeling that our boys were tired. We did not attack enough.”

Clippers coach Lue optimistic: “Can be special”

One, who made this great stretched stretch, was Reggie Jackson. Together with Marcus Morris Sr. he led the clippers with 27 points in scoring. In the third quarter, which went to the Clippers at 38:18, he was particularly positive. The section was opened with 20: 2, 10 counters went to the account of Jackson. This wants to focus on the focus quickly on the next season when L.A. is again at full man’s strength: “That will be fun.”

Then Batum also wants to be there again, who did not hit his five three trials against New Orleans and just scored 2 points, but with his defense the game shaped and came to the best plus / minus of all clippers (+11). “I love the team. I have been here for two years, at that time I was almost out of the league. I love the boys, the coach, but today it is hard.”

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While Morris Sr. explained the position of the backup point guard as the largest construction site for the offseason, Lue was confident, pointing out the future of franchise: “When we get back Kawhi, a top 5 player, and PG, a steady one All-star, the team changes enormously. We are then a completely different troupe. We can be special. “