The 1st FC Nuremberg has followed the recent 3: 1 against the direct competitor SV Darmstadt now a 1: 1 with Bundesliga relegated SV Werder Bremen follow and may continue to dream of the return to the Beletage.

The club can not be shake off in the climbing race. Trainer Robert Klauß was clearly to look at the joy of the Weser when he clapped his players after they had fought an important counter in the ascent atmosphere.

Dovedan: “It’s all possible”

“To the end it becomes an exciting fight. It’s all possible,” Forecast Nurembergs Nikola Dovedan. The Austrian, whose contract is not extended after three years in the summer, had taken the hazardous francs with a faulerfeter in the 24th minute after two minutes.

“I find it really well, as he acts right now,” Klauß praised the toxic attacker, who had also achieved the Nuremberg’s leadership in the week before before Darmstadt. His coach praised Dovedan as a “dragged dog”.

Werden Bremen - 1 Fc Nürnberg 0-1 Elfmetertor Nikola Dovedan

“In the first half we have made good decisions and always found our teammates. After the break we did not succeed so well,” says Nuremberg’s best scorer Dovedan, who has seven goal directors now on the account. “It was hard to provide for relief. We had the opportunity to do the 2-0 in the first and second half. However, in the second half of us came to a little bit. Overall, it is a fair draw.”

“After the compensation we had to suffer again correctly and fight”

“I believe in sum it was already a deserved point,” smashed at the remis too. “We had a good first half, did exactly what we wanted with really good switching moments.” In the second half, the Werder pressure was “extremely high”. “After compensation, we had to suffer again and fight again,” Klauts was.

Enges race race – Nuremberg is there

The club has three points behind the SV Sandhausen three points on Sunday against the SV Sandhausen on the Ascension Relegation Square and St. Pauli. Four counters are on the table-second Bremen, which will have to go to classprimus FC Schalke 04 on the next weekend.