from Hamburg report André Dersewski and Maximilian Schmidt

SC Magdeburg - THW Kiel | FULL MATCH | Handball Bundesliga 2022
The championship title goes with certainty to Magdeburg, as well as Thw-Superstar Sagosen on Sunday. Any change of power in German handball is therefore still not completed. With an impressive performance in a gripping finale at the for the time being the last Final Four in Hamburg, the keels showed what they are currently preceding the SCM.

After the work victory in the semifinals against defending champion Lemgo, the THW was full of 28: 21 success in the final. And after dominating the loud SCM appendix on Saturday, it was the Kieler, who celebrated in front of her “white wall”.

“I’m extremely proud of the performance and pull the hat in front of my team,” said a cheek-footed Filip Jicha: “The players have trusted on the system we wanted to play. We have greatly prevented Magdeburg’s strengths.”

Seventh field players, concrete defense – and Niklas Landin

In the attack, the keels mainly used in the second half almost always on the seventh field players, successfully completed a position attack after another. According to the powerful semi-final against Lemgo the day before, it had been clear that one would set this tactic, Jicha revealed. “The boys have incredibly fun to do that. That has already brought us the Champions League victory and now also the DHB trophy.”

The two are machines. Pekeler got up in the morning and hobbled. I looked away and ignored it, because I did not say anything.

Filip Jicha about his defense haithegen Wiencek and Pekeler

The foundation for success also laid the Kieler with a bear-strong defensive, behind the World Handball Niklas Landin as often as often too high. Only eight (!) Goose gave the THW in the entire second half. “We wanted Magdeburg to play many position attacks against us. That succeeded,” said the THW coach. “What Pekeler and Wiencek have done with Niklas Landin, that was, of course, horny. There was a movement, an energy in the defense – the guys were so hot!”

Heated and hard-fought

Energy was also in the game, in which it is particularly bought in particular before the pause and hard and hard. Many times of time, emotions on the field of playing rim and in the field (as a packing after the half-time whistle) showed how much prestige before 13,200 spectators in the sold-out Barclays Arena stood at the game.

“The team felt a bit unfair in the last few weeks,” said Jicha, who gave himself, “a bit of acidic”, “because they were held for the outsiders.” Magdeburg games a superior season, which he absolutely recognizes, Jicha clearly said. “But it’s not that my guys just play the second violin.”

That would never surely claim that Bennett weighed. The SCM coach had already reported on Saturday, the THW would have impressed with a “strong mindset” when winning the last League duel in Magdeburg. A bit wide repeated in Hamburg, where weighed the counterparty after a “impressive performance” congratulated into an “absolutely deserved” success.

Weighert: “And then a merciless effective THW Kiel comes to us…”

“I found that we were fully in the game until 20:19, 45 minutes. It was still enormous much in it,” weighed. “And then a merciless effective THW Kiel is coming to us, who makes twelve goals from 13 position attacks. The always with the seventh field player in the majority, close to the time game, still finds the right solutions. That’s just quality and then sometime broken. “

It’s that hard to always be a good loser, you have great respect for the performance of the Kieler. What we would with the mindset again. “You may have given us experience and routines, which we would like to collect,” weighed weighed with his team after a game that has cost “very, a lot of power, not only physically, but also mental,” on Tuesday evening (!) In the European League in Nantes Ran.

In Kiel, however, celebrations should be announced first. For Monday, Jicha released his players.