GTFO has a separate roadmap, and developers, 10 collective chambers, want to make sure their players know what to expect while they have early access game. Many changes happen in the game, so fans can expect several new shiny features to arrive in four-person cooperative horror shooting game.

You can access and browse the GTFO Roadmap on this page at any time. 10 Chambers plans to publish all the updates or things they wish to pass on to their community here. If you play actively and want to know what the next step in the team’s progress meter, you may want to dive into a nose here to see what’s going on and if there is a date of Deadline attached.

There are no three pages that you should not pay attention, namely Alpha 1 closed, continuous beta tests and version 0.1 of early access. All of these items are complete, and developers have gone to GTFO early access. The backlog provides a broad overview of what the team will work in the next year. Early access, as confirmed by 10 Chambers on their Steam page, will last next year until the end of 2020.

Make sure you check back the backlog and the road map whenever you have the opportunity to see what the 10 Rooms planned for GTFO. these coming features can change priority depending on what The community wishes to see and the global comments they provide to the development team.

Here is the current backlog _: _

New features

  • Matchmaking
  • Vocal chat
  • Expeditions with diaper difficulty
  • Customizing the player’s character
  • Shipping Rewards
  • Progression of equipment
  • Expeditions related to progression
  • Host migration

  • Support for the game joystick
  • Weapon animations updated
  • Update The Animations of Melee The Players

More good things

  • More enemies
  • More director goals
  • More environments
  • More equipment
  • More consumables

GTFO - The Rundown explained in 2 minutes
* More mini piracy games
* More interaction at the terminal system level