FUNCOM and Shiro Games have launched early access to the real -time strategy “ Dune: Spice Wars ” developed in SHIRO Games and released trailers.

This game is based on the American writer Frank Herbert’s SCI-FI novel “Dune”, and is initially planned to implement multiplayer only in the future.

Dune: Spice Wars - First Gameplay Trailer

Let’s aim to be the champion of Arakis in the desert

The development of the PC version released in 2018 was well received, and the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version were released in 2020 for domestic Development SHIRO GAMES. In this work, as in the original work, the Atrades family (House AtreideS), which is set on the planetary of the desert, a valuable resource that contributes to expansion of life, perception, and the realization of interstellar movement, and Harconnen. The four factions, House Harkonnen, the smugglers, and the Natolate Flemen, are drawn.

Maximum 1 year promised early access starts

This time, early access to develop to complete while gaining the feedback of the player has begun. The period is assumed to be 9 to 12 months. At the beginning of the game, the core content of the game experience was implemented. In the future, full campaigns, multiplayers, and one playable faction will be added. Feedbacks such as opinions and proposals are being accepted by Steam Forums and official Discord. The bug report is prepared here, and the addition of the function to report in the game is also planned in the future.

The original and “NorthGard” fans “DUNE: SPICE WARS” are being distributed early for 3,200 yen for PCs for PCs. It has also been reported to increase the price in the formalization after early access.