Warcraft Arclight Rumble offers a new style of play for mobile devices. Blizzard-Activision, developer, will present in this game a system based on classes. There will be five classes focused on specific fighters.

What are the classes in Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

Five classes are announced in the game:

Alliance * – Very well known to the players of World of Warcraft and Hearthst1. The noble alliance will have many protective units and spells. You know them from human knightly characters in knowledge.
Horde * – Another very famous faction in Laura World of Warcraft. These are proud warriors, most famous for their organs and shamans.

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* Beast – these are all animals that have not joined any of the other fractions. Among others, wolves, birds and frogs will fight in this army.

undead * – this is a fraction of undead or zombies, filled with beasts that do not want to remain sleeping and silent. This faction is most famous for its skeletons.
Blackrock * – monsters similar to magma and lava, which focus on spells of fire and flame. It is well known that the dwarves join this faction.

Who is the leaders in every class?

Alliance * – Leaders are largely relying on the protection, treatment, tactics of secrecy and spells.
* Tyrion Fordring
* Mayev Song of shadows
* Jaina Praudmur
Horde – All leaders earn additional gold and can stun in the area.
* Thunder
* Cern bloody hoof
Beast – Leaders rely on quick movement and rapid application of large damage.
* Charlga razorflank – can disable enemy defense.
* Hogger – helps the troops attack enemies.
undead * – Leaders – necromancers
* Blood magician Talnos is a caster that becomes stronger with each use.
* Baron Riveder – may be called by the endless army of the dead.
Blackrock * – All leaders burn enemies with fire.
* Rend Blackhand
* General Drakkisat

Players will be able to play for any of these classes against their opponents. All classes have their own unique amplifiers and spells, but they are still unknown. When we get more information, we will update this article.

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