The 19 -year -old Alcaraz, who had previously conquered Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in the rounds, showed a strong performance on the clay court in Caja Magica and, in this form, is one of the top favorites in the French Open in Paris. Zverev, on the other hand, continues to wait for his first title win this year.

The German number one recognized the superiority of the Spaniard after the one -sided game without envy. “At the moment you are the best player in the world,” said Zverev in the direction of Alcaraz. “It’s great for the tennis that we have such a new superstar who will win many Grand Slam titles in his career.”

It was an incredible week for me

Carlos Alcaraz

For Alcaraz it was the fourth tournament victory this year. The Spaniard is the youngest tennis professional in the history of the ATP Tour, who defeated three top five players in a tournament. The Spaniard will improve in sixth in the world rankings that will be published this Monday. “It was an incredible week for me,” said Alcaraz.

Zverev already knew before the game what would happen to him. “There is no limit for him,” said Zverev, who has only been in the final at the small tournament in Montpellier this year, praised his final opponent. “This Center Court has heard Rafael Nadal for 15 years, the next 15 years he will probably belong to Carlos Alcaraz,” said the German number one that the tournament in Madrid was won in 2021.

Zverev miles away from title defense

Zverev was miles away from a title defense on Sunday. Only at the beginning he was able to offer the crowd favorite a bit. But for the first time for the 2: 4, the Hamburg native gave up his serve, after which Alcaraz could no longer be stopped. While the Spaniard hit almost every ball, Zverev made many slight mistakes and never found his rhythm.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev In Title Showdown | Madrid 2022 Final Highlights
The fatigue was clearly noticeable to the 25-year-old. He had previously finished his semi -finals against the Greeks of Stefanos Tsitsipas on Sunday morning at short after one o’clock. Alcaraz, on the other hand, had significantly more time to regenerate, but on Saturday he also stood on the pitch for more than three hours and a half hours against the world ranking Djokovic.

But signs of wear were sought in vain for the vertical starter. Even his big idol Nadal was not so young when he triumphed for the first time in the Spanish capital. Against Zverev, Alcaraz used his fourth match ball after just over an hour.