Three points and 19 goals lead. The approximately 500 fans from Elversberg celebrated a 1-1 at the final whistle with players and coaches, through which the SVE can only be taken back into the 3rd division. Cheers and relief were almost equally large on the other side – the FSV Frankfurt has another game year in the Regionalliga Südwest.

The impaired bliss on the Frankfurt lawn was possible, because further south of the SG Sonnenhof Großaspach, the Elversberg competitor SSV Ulm 1846 football with 3: 1 and robbed hopes.

The final phase in the PSD Bank-Arena, of course, had to be bizarre. After a long open game with great opportunities for both teams, the attack game was stopped in the last twelve minutes when the customer reached the stadium from the clear aspacher leadership. Joy in the ranks, cross -slope on the lawn.

“It didn’t feel really cool”

Elversberg’s Nico Karger in relaxation mode. Imago/Jan Huebner

“It didn’t feel really cool,” said SVE captain Kevin Conrad Hernach in the Freudentaumel, “but since the draw was important to both, I can understand that we no longer take the great risk.”

Thomas Brendel, sporting director at the FSV, also defended the behavior of the players: “The Elversberger did not play forward and we didn’t want to have a conquest. I think that is understandable. Two other teams would have done it the same way. Has closest to himself, “he said to the FAZ.

Steffen finds it “megabemicable and great”

When looking at the protagonists, these twelve minutes played a subordinate role among the protagonists. Sve-coach Horst Steffen, soaked by beer showers, certified his team a “megabic and great” season. “That’s why I am overjoyed now,” said the ex-professional, who gave the starting signal for the party in view of the table situation: “It is still possible that we are not ascending, but I don’t believe in it. We can celebrate accordingly.”

Officially, the second south-west championship title in the club’s history and the once third division promotion after 2013 will be against the Saar rival FC 08 Homburg next Saturday after the derby. A week later, these rivals then meet again in the fight for the title in the Saarland State Cup and a ticket for the DFB Cup. In the coming season, the SVE will no longer be against Homburg, but against the “big” rival 1. FC Saarbrücken.