Ever since the first Pokémon games were released in the 1990s, Trainers have been some of the most sought-after creatures. They’re powerful, excellent, and incredibly rare, so naturally, everyone wants them.
Whether you’re looking for classics like Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, or newer additions like Zacian and Zamazenta to the game, you’ll be happy to know that most Legendaries are available in Pokemon Go. However, there are a few notable exceptions. Below, you’ll find details on each Legendary Pokémon that made its Pokémon Go debut, which ones you can currently get in raids, and some tips on catching them when they’re defeated.

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go
Here are all the Legendaries that have made their Pokemon Go debut so far:

legendary pokemon
Release date variocolor version
Articuno july 2017 Yes
Moltres july 2017 Yes
Zapdos August 2017 Yes
Mewtwo August 2017 Yes
raikou August 2017 Yes
Entei August 2017 Yes
Suicune september 2017 Yes
Lugia August 2017 Yes
oh oh August 2017 Yes
Regirock August 2017 Yes
regice june 2018 Yes
Registeel july 2018 Yes
beats april 2018 Yes
latios april 2018 Yes
Kyogre January 2018 Yes
Groudon december 2017 Yes
Rayquaza february 2018 Yes
uxie april 2019 Yes
mesprit april 2019 Yes
Azelf april 2019 Yes
talk March 2019 Yes
Palkia January 2019 Yes
Heatran december 2018 Yes
Regigas November 2019 Yes
Giratina (Altered) October 2018 Yes
Giratina (Origin) april 2019 Yes
Cresselia November 2018 Yes
Cobalion November 2019 Yes
Terrakion November 2019 Yes
virizion december 2019 Yes
Tornadus february 2020 Yes
Thundurus March 2020 Yes
landorus March 2020 Yes
March 2020 Yes
March 2020 Yes
landorus april 2021 Yes
Reshiram May 2020 Yes
Zekrom june 2020 Yes
kyurem july 2020 Yes
Xerneas May 2021 Do not
Yveltal May 2021 Do not
Tapu Koko Do not
Tapu Fini May 2022 Do not
Zacian August 2021 Do not
Zamazenta August 2021 Do not

If you’re wondering why fan-favorite Pokémon like Darkrai and Deoxys don’t appear on this list, they’re technically mythical creatures, not legendary.
Also, quite a few Mythical Pokémon can only be obtained by completing the limited-time Special Research quests.

How to catch Legendaries?
The only way to catch a legendary in Pokemon Go is to beat one in a 5-star raid. These battles occur in gyms, and you’ll usually need to team up with at least five other trainers to win.
Once you have beaten a Legendary, you will receive a limited amount of Honor Ball to capture them. Capture rates are meager, so you may have to try more than once.

What Legendary Pokémon are currently available to catch?
In March 2022, Trainers will be able to encounter Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Koko, and the Thundurus and Landorus forms on different dates. Niantic regularly rotates the legendaries that appear in the 5-star raids, so you have to watch for the one that interests you the most.

What are Legendaries missing?
Below is the list of Legendary Pokémon that are not available in Go:
Type: Null
Also missing is the debut of the Galarian versions of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdo. Niantic will most likely release them at some point, but we have to keep waiting for them for now.