The open world vampire survival “ v Rising “, which started early access on STEAM on May 18, has been revealed that the number of simultaneous connections has exceeded 70,000 as soon as possible.

402.4X1 Continuous Functions and Connected Sets

This data was provided by the unofficial database site Steamdb, with up to 46,593 people on the 18th, which is the early access start date, and up to 7256 users on the 19th. I understand this.

Although this store page mentions offline solo play, it is not implemented at the time of the article release. According to the overseas media PCGamesn, the development is currently giving priority to the implementation of offline mode and explains that “within the next few days.”

“V Rising” is undergoing early access to Steam. The price is 2,050 yen. In addition, “DRACULA’S RELICS PACK”, where various items are obtained as DLC, and “Eldest Bloodlines: Founder’s Pack”, which also comes with soundtracks, is on sale.