Earlier this May, players were shocked to find that the gas mask in Call of Duty: Warzone was showing some weaknesses, again!

Coupled with a tricky screen hitting the skin’s life bars, the animation still seems to cause players trouble. When the latter is actually in the gas, if they have the equipment, their operator automatically puts on the mask, but, once again, the animation is at the center of all the tensions.

The developers talk about the gas mask.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Warzone’s gas mask has been missing, and if Season 3 had been able to solve the animation issue, it hasn’t. This issue initially prevented players from shooting enemies when the animation was triggered, causing them to lose the duel in most cases. This time, the energy prevents players from deploying their parachutes.

On Twitter, former pro player Tyler TeeP Polchow shared a clip where we see him stupidly losing the game due to this deployment issue not triggering due to skin animation.

While standing on the roof of a building and lining up multiple players with a bow, the latter wishes to enter the area but must jump from the top. And even though he thinks he can shoot his parachute, nothing happens, so the animation takes over the parachute.

As a result of this, Ted Timmins, the creative director of the Battle Royale, has wanted to address this issue, however thorny it may be. If we still don’t have a real fix at this time, the developers are doing their best to resolve this issue.

Given the latest statements from Ted Timmins, we can now expect a fix for this annoying animation to come very soon because, as you can imagine, TeeP is sadly not the first player to experience this issue.

Few days left for Operation Monarch
In the meantime, you still have a few days to enjoy the presence of Godzilla and King Kong through the Operation Monarch event in Caldera. If the latter is not crazy, it will have had the merit of entertaining us for a few seconds.

Also, like any Warzone event worth its salt, you can unlock a legendary weapon blueprint through it by fulfilling the various challenges it offers. Along with the legendary blueprint for the Bravo tactical rifle, you can also win some cool stuff like Monarch Only Lucky Charm, Team Godzilla Emblem, Master of Horizons Calling Card, Team King Kong Emblem, Ancestral Skull Lucky Charm, Bitumen Jungle sticker, the amulet of luck Vestige and, finally, the spray One Must Fall.