Many games use the mechanics “Stone-Bumag”, and Warcraft Arclight Rumble is no exception. Blizzard, the developer, simplified the memorization of which types of Minis can win other types, which makes sense.

Rumble Fighter Is The Answer To Powerstone Reboot?!

What types of mini are winning other Mini types in Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

Due to its height, Flying Minis defeat Minis of near-battle. Middle -fighting miniatures defeat long -distance miniaturists, because they are better fighting in close combat. Range Minis can be shot down by Flying Minis, forming a triangle (or circle). Simply put:

Flying * wins in close combat
close battle beats the range
range hits the flying

This is because players will send troops to attack their enemies. It would be a good strategy to wait until the enemy sends his troops, and then send the mini to win him. From there, find out which mini can break the one that you just sent, and then send Mini, which can beat the one that yours can break.

It is important to use this cycle, because your enemy will instinctively try to defeat the mini sent, so you will always be one step ahead. The mechanic becomes easier as it practice, but it is very easy to understand. In your army, there should always be at least one type of each, otherwise your enemy can easily shift the floor with you with the help of Mini, which you cannot win.

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