In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, the chimney network is available and will allow you to teleport from one place to another in the open world of Hogwarts very quickly with the gameplay that we expected for the RPG with no specific release date yet.

This week, we were treated to a new trailer for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy. While the latter doesn’t reveal any new gameplay footage, it was released to show us how well it will suit the PlayStation 5 and its DualSense controllers. Instead, on the official blog, written by Avalanche Software, that new and delicious information awaits us. There are four new gameplay gifs and, above all, a text that tells us what Harry Potter fans imagined in black and white: The Floo powders will serve to teleport you from one point to another in Hogwarts castle and its surroundings.

The teleportation system in Hogwarts Legacy
With an open world as large as the map’s concept art suggests, it is evident that Hogwarts Legacy would benefit from a teleportation system so travel between and around different Hogwarts locations wouldn’t take too long. Of course, it will be possible to do everything on foot, on a flying broom, or even on the back of a Hippogriff, but as in any game of this type, you will inevitably want to go Hogsmeade in the blink of an eye for example.

In the prolonged State of Play gameplay trailer earlier this year, we saw these sorts of green flaming contrails reminiscent of the fireplaces we see in the Harry Potter movies. No doubt, then, Floo powder would be the ideal resource to teleport from one place to another, although Portkeys could also be a good idea.

If you rewatch the gameplay trailer today, you’ll see that there are respawn points all over Hogwarts and out in the open. The recent blog post confirms that it is a network of chimneys and even reveals a few seconds outdoors with one of the teleport points.

The Chimney Network and Flu Network
Now let’s look at the chimney net, thanks to the Harry Potter wiki. The Floo has been around for a long time in the wizarding world and is governed by the Department of Wizarding Transportation. All chimneys in magical buildings are entitled to connect to this incredible network so that witches and wizards can move from one vent to another using a particular product called Floo Powder.

You know this if you’ve read JK Rowling’s books or seen the movies: To move around the net, a sorcerer must correctly pronounce the name of his destiny or risk being sent to an unpleasant place. Such a detail probably won’t be available in the Hogwarts Legacy game, but hopefully, we get a chance to say “Digon Alley”. You may need to purchase Floo powder to use the network.