Now, the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is heard music called Star-Lord. Did you know that this band is completely fictitious and that it is one of the own employees of Eidos Montreal studio who worked on adventure?

The band’s production is not even more fun. Just listen to it outside the game.

The beginning of space riders

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy received three stars out of five stars in our site review (click). Based on my own gaming, the grade is correct, even though I liked the adventure a little more than the Joonatan .


Be that as it may, there is one thing in the title that I would like to bring to the spotlight. Namely, Diggail was a lot of Star-Lord Band production.

The sound of the pump is Steve Szczepkowski , Eidos Montreal Studio Senior Audio Director title. The beginning of the band started with the studio’s older creative leader as the following question: Hi, in our game [the main character] Peter Quill gets its cosmic name from his 80s favorite rock band called Star-Lord. Wouldn’t it be great if the game had a real Star-Lord album?

And so Szczepkowski, the musician himself, went on to work on music for the game. To help, he recruited his friend Yohann Boudreault , with whom the project was actually started. You can read more about the text written by the man through this link.

The whole game rope in one pile

But! Unfortunately, the songs of the band are left in the game itself, as well as the adventure of 80s music. For some reason, the compositions that are well-known, for example, from rick Astley and Bonnie from Tyler don’t really make any sort of impact on the background of the adventure. It is difficult to name the exact reason for this, but the whole was limp in one way or another.

The placement of the music was lame in one way or another. For example! Our heroes in the battle can gather to listen to the stars’ speech of the Star-Lord character, after which some of the songs that have been randomly licensed for the game begin to play. On Wham! Unfortunately, this randomness caused the last battle of the game to listen to an overpositive whistle do worry be happya. Did not fit the situation then compare.

Unless that song then deliberately rings in the background of the last battle? If so, even strange.

It was really how it was, the music remains under everything else, completely a side role.

That’s why this article!

a few examples directly to ear canals

Ten were created by Szczepkowski and Boudreault and partners. The whole thing has been published for listening via Spotify, for example, as a space rider album. And why not, because the whole is great, especially a few songs are downright and/or functional rallies.

My favorite is throwing ghost-slivari, which plays in its instrumental form in the game in the PlayStation Consols menu. Oiva’s great composition that has been spun on my playlists.

There is even a music video of the Star-Lord Band songs. Below is zero to Hero, please.

What else? There would be many selection of this to be plotted, but you take it even though watch me shine, kicking rally.

The whole treatment can be accessed, even through the attached YouTube, or through the below Spotify-Upping. Great music.

If you are interested in music, then you will add to that good stuff.

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