You will no longer be complaining about the lack of content in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

Today’s major update – Frozen Resolution – introduces a lot of news to the game: the smaller and the larger.

We mentioned the update last week, so now we’re just going to copy a piece of that news.

We are getting a new winter region—Karis with mountainous locations covered with snow and ice. You will find a new city, opponents, training fields, collectibles, and challenge quests. Additionally, all players will have a board on which they can surf in the snow!

The maximum character level will be raised to 60, and all classes available in the game will receive new skills. We will also receive the third story chapter with further missions, where we will meet new characters.

The game will also include a new series of 6-star weapons, many missions, and side events. Members of the alliance (something like a guild) will now be able to complete quests and earn exciting rewards. Many QoL changes include auto item sales, better costume preview, and more.

A year has passed since the launch of New Genesis on the market today, so this update is a pleasant surprise. And also proof that SEGA intends to continue developing this MMO.