The new work of the studio ‘Frost Giant’, created by all developers of Blizzard, who produced StarCraft and Warcraft series, was finally released. The main character is RTS ‘Storm Gate’, full of developers’ know-how.

Frost Giant unveiled its new ‘Storm Gate’ through the Summer Game Fest 2022 on YouTube on the 10th. Stormgate was a real-time strategy simulation (RTS) game set against the future of the earth, which was ruined by abnormal climate, and many developers from Blizzard, who produced StarCraft 2, participated. According to the released video, the future human race will be depicted with the demon race that invades the earth beyond the dimension.


Like other RTS games, the game should collect resources, build a base, and pull out units to survive the invasion of the devil race. In addition to the general unit, the hero unit can be produced, and the game should be solved strategically around the hero. Since there is no level-up system, it is important to pay attention to strategic gameplay itself rather than focusing on fostering heroes. In addition to humanity, there are a total of two races in the game, and you can enjoy 3 to 3 PvPs and a cooperative scenario mission that can be included by a total of three players.

Team Morton, who was on the stage, said, I made a game with a closer look at what people want in the RTS.

Stormgate is scheduled to start testing in 2023, and has been recruiting testers on its official website since the release of the video. More information about the game, such as the launch schedule and platform, will be released later.