FC Bayern Munich came directly as component of the team stage with its Spanish triad from José Carlos Sanchez Guillen, Alejandro Alguacil Segura and also Miguel Mestre Oltra. Manchester United, ‘FCB_Mestre’ and also Eldridge ‘E_C_ONEILL’ O’Niel were the initial opponent to the audience a 4: 4.

The delight of lastly being able to play their preferred football simulation again at the highest degree was recognizable at the weekend break. Efootball business was put on hold for numerous months, and also on Saturday Konami commemorated the huge eSport comeback with the beginning of the first Efootball Championship Pro.

just ‘fcb_mestre’ ratings versus Celtic

At the start versus AS Monaco (3: 2, 1: 0, 2: 3), Celtic had actually been effective, that won the previous Efootball.Pro Organization competitors twice. And also Glasgow likewise recognized exactly how to please FCB. However, ‘fcb_mestre’ at first gave an effective Bavarian start with a 3: 2 versus Lotfi ‘Lotfi’ Derradji.

‘ Fcb_alguacil’ ultimately shed 1: 3. Captain ‘FCB_jose’ won the only win versus the Red Devils in the 2-1 versus Mikolaj ‘Ostrybuch’ Zietek and also secured Bayern four points. In the 2nd battle, the Munich group competed versus Celtic Glasgow, the Scots had actually currently persuaded.

United as well as Monaco can do the same

Extra was not to be brought from a Bavaria point of view: ‘fcb_jose’ had to offer up Kilyan ‘Kilzyou’ Faucheux with 0: 1, ‘fcb_alguacil’ was still by Azzdine ‘Aazbabysk’ Ait Ouzdi (1: 2) beat. At the end of the first match day there were seven factors for FC Bayern and also the second place for the time being.

Celtic leads group An exceptional with twelve points, Manchester (4 factors) and also Monaco (3 factors) comply with in rankings 3 as well as 4. Nevertheless, both United as well as the AS only finished a battle as well as a result have all the ways to overtake the FCB in the table on the 2nd matchday on June 19.

Barca leads Group B An-Rom Stark

For the Spanish Munich triad, the staying encounter with the Monegassen Essential-Nur will certainly move in the very first three of the four teams per team into the knockout phase. Bayern experts were their aggravation whether the suboptimal points of indicate consider, none was pleased with the 7 points at FCB.


In Team B, AS Rome, which scored against Galatasaray Istanbul (2: 1, 4: 1, 1: 2), shone six times. The organization leader results from two played duels of FC Barcelona with ten points. After two experiences, Galatasaray is connected with the Romans, FC Collection is currently the last with four points.

Captain ‘FCB_jose’ won the only win versus the Red Devils in the 2-1 against Mikolaj ‘Ostrybuch’ Zietek and protected Bayern 4 factors. In Group B, AS Rome, which scored against Galatasaray Istanbul (2: 1, 4: 1, 1: 2), shone 6 times. The league leader is due to two played battles of FC Barcelona with ten factors. After 2 encounters, Galatasaray is linked with the Romans, FC Toolbox is presently the last with four factors.

The groups of group B are tested once again on June 18, after the coming weekend all participants are identified in the knockout phase. This will be played on June 26th and 25th: The second as well as third-placed people complete in the quarter-finals, the 2 team champions move straight into the semi-finals.