This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini-interlocated time for developers for the 20-minute rogue light action 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN , which started early access on June 4 for FLANNE development and PCs on June 4th.

This is an action game that survives for 20 minutes while fighting a love craft monster that appears on the screen one after another. With the enemies that continue to increase over time, you can enjoy a hard action that will be redone immediately if you die. It has already been supported in Japanese. For more information, please see this play repo.

20 MINUTES TILL DAWN is being distributed early for 310 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

FLANNE Hello, this is FLANNE developed this work al1. My favorite games always change, but now I really like the top-down shutter that can customize the spaceship called NOVA DRIFT. In developing this work, it was greatly influenced.

――Why did this work developed?

FLANNE Actually, I have been developing another game called SpiritLink Tactics for about 5 years. I felt a little tired of this development and wanted to take a break, so I started the development of this work. When I made a trial version in two weeks and released it online, surprisingly, many people liked it. I thought that many people liked it was something special, and I took this work over a month and a half.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

FLANNE This work will realize a lot of power fantasy that the players envision. For example, players can become a ninja, chop enemies with a magical dagger, become a wizard with a submachine gun, manipulate lightning, and burn the enemy.

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

I wanted to make a game that can be played immediately, enjoyed in a short time, and still a non-casual game. Therefore, if you like hardcore games but are too busy and want to play a little game, this work can be said to be a game for you.

――When is an early access planned? What elements will be added in the future?

FLANNE early access is scheduled for a few months. Except for bug fixes, we plan to add content such as more enemies, bosses, new characters, and new upgrade methods for characters.

――Please tell us your impressions released as an early access.

Get feedback during the development of FLANNE games is a great experience. During the early access period, we will polish this work with all your might and add interesting content.

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

As mentioned on FLANNE, this work is greatly influenced by Vampire Survivors and Nova Drift. As in these works, I thought that there was not enough games that relieve dopamine purely while relieving stress.

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

There was no flanne at all. He was a solo developer and was at home all day, so the new Corona did not affect the development at all.

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

FLANNE, of course! I would like to see how the distributor plays this work, and I want to know what kind of parts you enjoy. That will lead to future improvements.

-Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

Since the trial version of FLANNE this work has been released, there have been a certain number of Japanese fans. We would like to thank all the Japanese who have supported this work during the development. I am glad if you can give everyone a fun experience.

–thank you very much.