New adventure game AI: Somnium File Nirvana Initibib to be released on June 23, 2022 (STEAM version is June 25). The scenario of this work, which leads the case to solve the case while traveling between the dream world and the real world focusing on the mysterious murder case, is handled by Kotaro Katsukoshi, known for the EVER17 and ZERO ESCAPE series. I am.

When you hear that a mysterious murder case occurs, you may feel that the heavy story is a bit… or I’m not good at gross! Instead, it is a title that can be recommended for a wide range of gamers, from those who want to play casually or want to get into the world view. In this article, we will introduce the 10 charm of this work.

A raging development from the beginning! Excellent tempo scenario

Despite the story over the murder case, this work will immediately develop a comedy touch scenario from the introduction. The story progresses from the beginning of the game, based on the two members of the Metropolitan Police Department and the special investigative group rookie, Ryuki and Mizuki, a high school student investigator, Mizuki.

The two screenshots inserted so far are scenes to participate in quiz program recording and scene operated at night stadiums, and the main characters and the location of the story are completely different. However, it is actually about 10 minutes in the first stage, and it shows a tempo that makes the player puzzle. It can be felt that players will be placed, but this is one of the great attractions of AI: Somnium File Nilvana Inisiiabi.

The main incident is an impossible situation, saying, A one-day two corpse that appears suddenly appears in a brand new state six years later. VHS-style strange images uploaded to the video shared site (can actually be watched on YouTube) appear, and the mystery calls a mystery anyway, deepening the depth of the story.

There are some works in the adventure game that takes time for the story to occur and the story rises, but this work is a dare to be confused from the beginning, and attracts the player so that the continuation is concerned. If you are thinking, What is this what this is, and you’re reading a text, you’ll often find a new mystery a few minutes later.

In addition, there are many events that are nonsense without context, and that there is no relationship with the subsequent story. It is one of the ways to enjoy AI: Somnium File Nilvana Inisii Tib to leave yourself to the flow of a good tempo without using a head while tilting your head to such ?


A rich graphic expression for ADV! Spaces and characters that spread in 3D

In this work, the story is mainly talked about conversational drama between characters, but as in the previous work, graphics use 3D models/maps. You can experience the story with a camera work like a drama that is different from text-based adventure.

In addition, since the illustration that hits the so-called standing picture is made in 3D, detailed expressions such as mouth and blinks are impressive. The gorgeous voice actor can enjoy the full voice interaction with a rich visual, so the immersion in the story and the thoughts of the characters are different. It makes you feel like you’re eating a high-quality feast.

Convenient functions that support all power from light gamers to kidnamu

Among those who are worried about this work, such as characters and mysterious scenarios, I have never played adventure games so far! Some people may say. In addition to reading the text and pressing the button, this work also has a QTE (quick-time event) and a time limit, so you may feel the height of the hurdle… Please be assured. This work has many useful functions that support beginners.

As a new feature from this work, Difficulty setting in situations where time-limited phases and QTEs occur. Because you can set the difficulty level of Investigation Parts including QTE and Somnium Parts with a limited time, Investigation parts are usually difficult, but I don’t want to start over the somnium part… Can be supported. The flexibility that can be changed later is also a nice point.

Tips, which are scrolling at the top of the screen, are one of the beginner’s help functions in this work. Even if the nouns and terms that appear in the previous work appear, they are always introduced at the top of the screen, so you can check them without interruption.

In addition, there are abundant document elements, such as a character list that introduces each character in a profile format, and a handle that can review the flow of the game, so you can always access it from the menu anytime if you are in trouble. Even those who think, This guy is not particularly involved in the story…? Also has strangely elaborate settings and profiles, increasing the degree of immersion in the world view.

This work has a route branch, and the development of the scenario changes depending on the selection and action of each scene. Therefore, if you like this work, you may want to see all routes!

The flowchart function installed in this work can be backed back by specifying the scene you want to return in any scene. There are many works that can only go back from a specific scene even if a flowchart is prepared, but the flowchart of this work can be used comfortably. In addition, you can also check the outline of each scene, so you can start the second lap comfortably even if you forget, Why did this happen…?

There is no problem even if the previous work has not been played! Nice consideration for the first challenge in the series

This work is a sequel to AI: Somnium File, so not only basic gameplay that repeats investigation part and somnium part, as well as characters and proper nouns if you play the previous work. It will appear.

It is naturally recommended to play the AI: Somnium File on sale for each platform before playing this work, but play ADV that takes tens of hours clear while suppressing the desire to play with the new work. It’s quite difficult. However, this work has a nice consideration that there is no problem if the previous work has not been played from this work.

Immediately after the game starts, this work is asked, Whether you have played the previous work. If you answer honestly here, I haven’t played, the main story proceeds without touching the core of the previous story. The incident that occurs in this work is said to have no direct connection to the core case of the previous work, so you can play without any problems.

Therefore, you can play this work first, and if you like it, play the previous work to experience the past story.

Cuttering conversation drama

The big attraction of this work is a light conversation drama with gags and parody if there is a gap. Not only does the character suddenly say gags without context, but there are things that are almost always strange among conversation options. Of course, if you choose, you will have an unknown conversation.

Even if it is a serious scene like a murder scene, the gag will be caught and relax the player’s feelings. For those who have played the previous work, there are plenty of gags that will never get tired of new players. There are plenty of light gags by gorgeous voice actors, so even those who say I’m not good at being too serious should be easy to play.

Be sure to leave yourself to the heavy story and a lot of mysterious mysteries, and the torrent of off-beat lines that are screwed in between. A mysterious mariage with gag elements and mystery elements… This is also the real pleasure of AI: Somnium File Nilvana Initibib.

And if you talk about the charm of conversation play, it is inevitable to talk about the bottom story that sometimes gets in! The scenario of this work is a playful state in a gag or parody, and a playful Morimori state that goes to the bottom story.

From the light bottom story, He has no eyes in an erotic book, There was a bed to rotate in a love hotel in the past and I’ll tell you 48 hands. Until, this also rushes like a torrent.

This may be a part that may be the preference, but it is also a characteristic part of the AI series. There are quite silly gags and lower stories, so let’s take over the shoulders and challenge them.

Investigate with the power of your partner! Investigation part that challenges an impossible mysterious case

The base part of this game is the Investigation Part. With orthodox points & click type, we will interact with places and people and read the story.

It is also worth paying attention to the system unique to this work, which proceeds with the investigation using the AI-BALL (AI-BALL), Aibu and Tama. Convenient functions are available, such as finding a person hidden behind the wall with a thermography or X-ray sensor, or checking the distant objects with the zoom function. When using the X-ray sensor, the skeleton of each person is clearly transparent, and it will color the investigation part without overtaking the expression. In addition, new AI-Ball functions, such as the function of reading the other party’s thoughts, Wink PSYNC, and the truth reproduction part that reproduces the situation of the case like a drama, will also appear.

Actually survey! Somnium part where absurd phenomena occur

Let’s introduce the Somnium part, which is a feature of this work. In the somnium part, the character is operated from a third-person perspective and finds clues while interfering with various objects.

The somnium part is sometimes called dive into the target dream (consciousness), and there are multiple people, and things that have suddenly become huge have occurred one after another. I will capture while finding hints hidden at the end of the abnormal situation.

The somnium part is an element that also existed in the previous work, but this work has evolved significantly and has evolved significantly. The key rules, which understand the rules in the Somnium world, have been a hint for capture, and a map navigation that can set the next destination has been added, making it easier to play.

And it is also a highlight element of the somnium part that can instruct weird things. You can choose a strange behavior that is as good as the scenario’s absurdity, such as stroking the head of a person in the somnium world, or asking the mirror in the interrogation room, What is the most beautiful in the world? increase. In the somnium world, it is necessary to keep the time limit to consume time by doing each action, but if you lower the difficulty, you can enjoy strange actions.

Which is your recommendation? There are plenty of cute characters and the screensh can be made

Sharp readers may have noticed anymore. What to hide… This work is pretty cute. Kozaki Yusuke, known for Fire Emblem Awakening and No More ★ Heroes, is in charge of the character design. You can fully enjoy the human relationships and stories of characters that have a beautiful and faint sexy character.

My favorite is Mizuki, one of the protagonists, and his partner Iibu. Mizuki is 12 years old in the previous work and six years ago in this work. As you can see in the real world, the reproducibility as a strangely and cheeky elementary school student is quite high, and I can be honest. She is 18 years old in the modern part, and she shows a cheeky appearance that has grown firmly and does not change.

Iibu is a cute gap that suddenly acts stupidly, despite the cool and cool visuals. He looks like a bear when he is not a human figure, and this is also cute.

In addition, it is cute, such as Ryuki’s partner, Queen De S-like ball, Iris, the left bank of the online idol Asa Ton-chan, which also made VTuber, and his passionate fans. Anyway, there are many strong characters. Not only the absurd scenario development and comedy touch conversation drama, but also the character visual is one of the strong charms that can recommend this work.

Life counseling? Egg ◯ Chi? Laughing breath element (?)

Some of the readers may have been worried about their lives while playing games. It’s okay in such a case! This work is equipped with a life consultation function by the protagonists’ buddies Iibu and Tama. Opening a notification that flies from time to time and answering the questions issued by Tama may lead to life. Although it is unrelated to the main line of scenario, it is provided with a dress-up element.

In addition to life consultation with dress-up elements, this work has some elements such as Is this not related to the main part? In addition, there is also a mini-game nurturing game called Megamapo, which reminds me of Tama ◯chi. Here, the status of Meidanpo changes and grows by answering the questions issued every 20 minutes.

These functions have not been involved in the main part of the scenario as long as I played. It may be a message from the development team that you should take a break with a slightly stupid bonus element. Of course, you can turn off the notification, so I want to focus on the story! In that case, let’s turn it off.

Replacement of Tama & Aibu! 5 types of DLC are also available

It is good news for those who have a habit and two habits, especially for those who like Tama & Iibu. This work offers a dress-up DLC that changes the costumes of the two! As a limited-time purchase privilege, three types of T-shirts and hot dogs are included, and paid costume DLCs are also released. This is 330 yen each, and a set bundle for 880 yen is on sale.

In addition, the Steam version of this work has a deluxe edition, with three paid DLC and digital full soundtrack. Full Sandra is a total of 68 songs that include two versions of Japanese and English in addition to all BGMs in the game, and the volume is about 4 hours! The jacket is drawn by Kozaki Yusuke, and the illustration of Tama playing the guitar is very cool.

AI: Somnium File Nirvana Initiative, which tells a scenario centered on serious and absurd murder case. Not only the development of the angry waves that folds at a fierce speed, but also a small conversation that is also vigorously exchanged, the character design & voice act that colors them, and the small story that you do not know whether you need it. It is an important factor in forming a work.

The home machine version of this work will be released on June 23, 2022, and the PC (Steam) version will be released on June 25, 2022. The Iibu and Tama dress-up costume T-shirts 3-piece set and Hot Dog Cats will be offered until 23:59 on July 13.

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