The aim of the academy is to award projects that are targeted at children and young people as well as effectively utilize football as a way of educational work. Along with the technology and an excitement, which goes far beyond sporting activity, the emphasis is especially on sustainability: At the same time, the honor desires to motivate to proceed by doing this, which is why the sustainability of the tasks is an essential criterion

It is chosen the honor of the learning method rate, for which projects can use until August 31, by a jury of the academy. The award to the successor of the last honor victor, the IVF Leipzig, will certainly occur on October 28 as part of German football culture prices.

As necessary, it is regulated accordingly: The award of the funding of 5000 euros is tied to a continuation of the job, states the tender of the German Academy for Football Society. The award can additionally be made, if the job managers or the task companies guarantee that the experiences and knowledge of the prize-winning task in a follow-up task should be properly made use of.

sustainability as a main requirement.