The latest branch of virtual Formula 1 also offers a wealth of game modes. Here you can find out:

  • Which game modes F1 22 offers
  • What the new F1 Life is all about
  • Which modes are interesting for single players

Do you want to study the various courses in F1 22? Then take a look at our route guide.

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the career mode in F1 22

F1 22 offers many modes, especially for soloists. Above all, the career mode. Here you go under contract with an official F1 team and sit behind the wheel of a racing car. Your mission: 1st place at the end of the season. Alternatively, you can even experience this with a own team and with a friend of your friend.

If you choose the two-player career , you play with a friend for the championship. This is either cooperative in the same Formula 1 team or as rivals against each other. Be careful, because friendships can be destroyed here.

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more solo game modes

If you just want to do a quick round or set up your own Grand Prix **, you can of course do so in F1 22. You either drive against the AI for a position on the podium or try to beat best times.

Above all, The time races are a good means of practicing. Here you can get to know the routes with all their facets and are thus prepared for career or online mode. Also use this mode to screw on your vehicle setup in F1 22 (guide).

F1 Life: Your personal showroom

Do you achieve best times on the routes and win one championship after another? Then that shows too! In F1 Life you present your successes of the whole world. You adjust your driver and equip your own home with furniture, wall designs or supercars.

And the latter are not only nice to look at. In the new mode Pirelli Hot Laps you can do various rounds on the routes with the activated cars and face different challenges.

F1-22 multiplayer: online and split screen modes

In multiplayer mode of F1 22, you demonstrate your skills against the rest of the world. An abundance of different online modes is available for this. Above all, the ranking play , in which you rose for best placements and rose in the ranking. The results are presented weekly.

Weekly events in F1 22 , on the other hand, offer certain routes and special challenges. Here the difficulty is that you have to adapt to new conditions again and again.

Of course you also have the opportunity to measure yourself directly with your friends. This can be done online or via Lan through a friendly game and even through a split screen mode .

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