For this, the managing directors of the second and initial division clubs unanimously spoke up at a general meeting.

The buzzer is to be utilized in all video games in the Bundesliga.
Technology is already being made use of at the Supercup on August 31, when the German champion SC Magdeburg and Cup winner THW Kiel in Düsseldorf bet the first title of the period.
In the 2nd Bundesliga, the technology ought to apply from the second fifty percent of the season.

The buzzer, which the HBL had utilized for the very first time at the Final Four in April, replaces the permit.
Up until now, instructors had actually been able to demand the time-out in which the card was positioned on the temporary table.
The signal of the management video camera must be utilized for analysis throughout a recurring game from the coming period.
The so-called real-time video evaluation is intended to support the trainer groups with features such as slow-moving movement or zoom functions.