Aluminum in Astroneer is a unique resource that players will need to craft a number of modules, so here’s everything you need to know about getting it.

Where to get aluminum from Astroneer

To get aluminum Astroneer you first need to get Laterite and place it inside the Smelting Furnace. You can get laterite underground from red and bluish deposits underground that look crystalline and are shaped like a gear-like cylinder. In addition, you can also exchange scrap for material through the Trade Platform you can build with the following resources through the Medium Printer.

  • One tungsten
  • One iron
  • Single connection

But in order to get aluminum, you will need to build a smelting furnace with two resins and one compound through a medium printer by inserting materials into it. Once you get the smelter, place it on the ground and insert laterite into it through the attached storage containers.

When the Furnace is finished cooking, you will receive Aluminum, which can later be used to craft the following items: You can also use this Furnace to smelt various other items if you didn’t already know.

  • Aluminum Alloy- Requires a chemistry lab to craft.
  • Landing Pad — Requires large printer to craft.
  • Small Shuttle — Requires Large Printer to craft.
  • Oxygen Generator — Requires a small printer to make.
  • Medium Generator — Requires a small printer to craft.
  • Auto Arming — Requires a small printer to make.
  • Solid Engine- Requires a small printer to make.
  • Tractor — Requires a small printer to make.
  • Trailer — Requires a small printer to make.
  • Soil Centrifuge- Requires Medium Printer to craft.
  • Buggy — Requires a medium printer to craft.

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