[mobile game Park Ye-jin reporter] game companies are turning their eyes to console games in a saturated mobile game. It is noteworthy that it will be able to catch the attention of gamers who are accustomed to overseas console masterpieces by moving to large game companies with capital and development.

According to the game industry on the 15th, large game companies such as Nexon, Netmarble and NCsoft are developing console games in succession.

Craft Tone plans to launch the Calisto Protocol, which is produced at the end of the striking Distance Studio, with AAA-class goals. Calisto Protocol is a survival horror game that contains the job of Jupiter’s satellite Calisto in 2320, and plans to release relevant information at ‘Gamescom’ in Germany in August.

NCsoft is preparing a large multi-scale multi-speed role-playing game (MMORPG) ‘Throne & River (TL)’ and Interactive Movie ‘Project M’. MMORPG, the strength of NCsoft, is trying to attempt a new genre suitable for the platform.

Netmarble is going to pioneer the console with ‘Overflime’, ‘Seven Criminal Origin’ and ‘Taming Monster 2’. Netmarble, which has secured mobile games in most lineups, predicted several kinds of console works. Netmarble’s release on the console platform is the only ‘Seven Knights Times Derer’, which utilizes its intellectual property in 2020.

Nexon also predicted prolific by releasing ‘Cartrider: Drift’, ‘Arc Raders’, ‘First Desendent (Project Magnum)’ and ‘Project HP’ as a console multi-platform.

Pearl Abyss is also scheduled to be the next film ‘Red Desert’ and ‘Devils’ as a console. In particular, the goblin has emerged as a topic as the video was released last year.

◆ ‘Console’, a breakthrough found by slowing the mobile game market. Domestic steep growth

The reason why the game company pays attention to the console is that the slowdown in the mobile game market, which is currently observed, has influenced it.

According to Chung Ho-yun, Korea Investment & Securities Research Institute and Sensor Tower, the domestic mobile market growth rate has grown rapidly to 20-30%since the fan Demick, but has slowed down since the second half of last year. Chung analyzed that it was very similar to the PC game market, which peaked in 2012, peaking in 2012.

As of 2020, console games accounted for 5.8%in the domestic game market, with mobile games at 57.4%, and PC games accounted for 26%. This is why the console market is noted as a breakthrough despite its lower share of other platforms.

Growth is also steep. According to the Korea Content Agency’s ‘2021 Korea Game White Paper’, the domestic console game market has surpassed 1 trillion won in 2020, with a sharp growth rate of 30-60%over the last five years. The domestic console game market sales grew significantly from 373.4 billion won in 2017 to W528.5bn in 2018, 694.6 billion won in 2019, and 1.92 trillion won in 2020.

The number of users can also increase as the barrier to entry for console games is relieved. In particular, console devices such as ‘PlayStation 5’ and ‘Xbox Series X’, which have been shortened due to lack of parts since the fan-decrics, are realized in the future, resulting in a higher penetration rate, and game subscription services that Sony and Microsoft have recently entered the competition between companies. The console market can be further expanded if the service and quality are improved and successfully settled.

However, due to the nature of the console market, it is unknown whether the criteria of gamers who are used to the ‘AAA’ masterpiece will be satisfied. In particular, console gamers have experience in large-scale open world masterpieces such as the Elden Ring and the Breath of the Legend of Zelda. The console game has the task of focusing on gameplay rather than relying on the existing mobile game billing model, as the ‘package’ sales are the basic model.