Global E-Sports Exit

Global E-Sports Exit packs chicken in PWS: Phase 2 Click Final 2 Match.

On the 23rd, the 2022 Pub Magazine Weekly Series (PWS) Phase 2 Phase 2nd Click Final 1 week was online.

Weekly Finals included 16 teams in eight teams, four teams in Japan, and four teams in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Korea participated in eight teams including EMTECH Storm X, Go & Go Prince, ATA, Damwon Gia, Zenji, Danawa E-Sports, Hulk Gaming, and BISG Carfeddm. In Japan, teams such as Donuts Usji, Fennel, Aurumu Rect, Iramuri Petto Samurai Gaming, and Taiwanese areas such as Global Esports Exit, Simba Gaming, Auri Sports, and Deadli Strike.

The two-match magnetic field was formed of Mirama El Foso. At the beginning of the game, Danawa Esports was eliminated by the Dadly Strike in the Monte Nuevo region, and Zenji grabbed Bisy CarpediM without loss.

In the west of Phase 6 magnetic fields, Zenji and Go & Go Prince fought. Zenji took advantage of ‘Spear’, followed by Go and Go Minuda, and ‘Hwarang’, but was finished with a blow by Go & Go ‘Zenith’.

TOP4 survived by Global E-Sports Exit, Damwon Gia, Go & Go Prince, and Etiea. Go & Go ‘Zenith’ won the battle with a tremendous performance in the battle with Damwon Gia, and ‘Daeba’ finished the ‘Hwan’ left alone.

However, Go & Go ‘Zenith’ was cut off to the global E-Sports Exit ‘SR’, while Gogano ‘Daeba’ made a one-to-one with the opponent, but failed to cover the cover and kneeled to Salvia. Global Esports Exit took 8 kill chicken in this match.