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Is it worth it to repair the lighthouse in the cult of the lamb?

The lighthouse in the aisle of Pilgrim quickly goes out, and only you can save him. At the cost of 15 firewood and 25 fragments of crystals, players are wondering whether it is worth repairing the lighthouse. Below we will tell in detail what you will receive in exchange for help in ensuring the safety of the shores of Pilgrim.

What does the lighthouse do in the Cult of the Lamb?

As the pilgrims worshiping on the lighthouse will tell you, the lighthouse does not allow the ships to break on the nearby cliffs near the shore. This does not mean anything for you, as for a player. For you, a repaired lighthouse opens a new source of devotion, as well as more shopping opportunities.


When you donate 15 firewood, the pilgrims inside the lighthouse will be always grateful to you and arrange a sanctuary inside the lighthouse, where you can collect devotion. Again lighted fire will also attract more pilgrims on the coast that will open the store. Here you can buy new jewelry, paths and even tarot cards.

Later, pilgrims will tell you that the lighthouse needs crystal fragments. As soon as you donate 25 fragments of crystals (which can be found in an Ankordip), pilgrims will give you a new form of a follower for your cultists.

In the end, the repair of the lighthouse is worth it, because it opens another path for the cards of the tarot, goods, forms of followers and bonus devotion.

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Klagenfurt lends ÖFB

We are happy that it functioned. Emilian is a very outlined kid, technically and also tactically trained quite possibly. Additionally, he brings an element that has not yet sufficed in our squad: The child will certainly assist with his qualities and robustness, claimed sporting activities director Matthias Imhof concerning the loan of the multiple Austrian national nationwide gamer.

ÖFB talent Emilian Metu goes back to Austria and joins Austria Klagenfurt for one season. As the Carinthian formally revealed, the 19-year-old midfielder steps from the German document champs Bayern Munich to Carinthia, where the former young expert of the SKN St. Pölten is to enhance the team of head instructor Peter Pacult this period.

already 3rd Bayern funding in Klagenfurt

Metu, who was educated in the children of the SKN St. Pölten, commemorated his Bundesliga launching for the Lower Austrians in February 2021 before he claimed goodbye to FC Bayern Munich after the shed transfer. Currently he is intended to accumulate beneficial first department method in Klagenfurt, as Bayern’s young primary Jochen Sauer clarifies: With Austria Klagenfurt, we have actually had really great experiences with the finance of Alex Timossi Andersson.

After goalkeeper Liu Shaoziyang and protective gamer Daniel Francis, Austria’s third Bayern car loan for the Klagenfurter this season is the six-time U-19 international (one goal). Metu himself eagerly anticipates his coming time in the purple gown with a whole lot of anticipation: After we failed with St. Pölten in the transfer, I followed just how Austria was doing in the Bundesliga. The team has created as well as I more than happy To be component of it currently. My objective is to advise myself in training as well as play as high as feasible.

! WoW Dragon Flight offers option against switch

The MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight is still located in the alpha test . The programmers utilize this time to try out some brand-new attributes and gameplay aspects . Due to the fact that they should make it a lot easier for several fans to play , the current adjustments audio particularly interesting. We sum up one of the most vital information for you.

it is a lot easier

A freely selectable Interact Key is currently available. The video game instantly starts the matching interaction with your game personality if you press this while you are near an NPCS . This conserves you to lead and click the mouse guideline via the NPC. It is therefore a tiny time financial savings . Nevertheless, it continues to be to be seen just how well this works if several NPCs are very close with each other. A comparable function is Car Fight that immediately targets an opponent objective when you approach it. A different click with the computer mouse or making use of the tab key is therefore no more required.

A change that is especially in emphasis is the Hold to Cast . Much, for the implementation of the possible optimal strike rotations , it was required to modify the hotkey for a certain ability very swiftly as well as often. Nonetheless, this spam should quickly be a point of the past: With the recent change in the Alpha of World of Warcraft (Purchase now): Dragon Flight you can merely hold such a hotkey , the corresponding capacity is then triggered instantly , as quickly as the equivalent covering time has actually ended. This should be associated with the consistent working on certain tricks. Nevertheless, Hold to Cast does not work in link with macros *. Blizzard Entertainment wishes to avoid that turnings can be exceedingly automated.


When does wow: dragonflight?

A concrete launch day for the MMO extension is still not recognized. According to Snowstorm Amusement, magazine is certainly planned for the later program of 2022. However, there is not even a beginning date for the beta examination , which generally takes numerous months.

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The MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight is still situated in the alpha test . The recent changes sound particularly interesting due to the fact that they must make it much simpler for several followers to play . This spam ought to soon be a point of the past: With the current modification in the Alpha of World of Warcraft (Purchase currently): Dragon Flight you can just hold such a hotkey , the corresponding capability is then caused automatically , as soon as the corresponding covering time has run out. If you push this while you are near an NPCS , the video game instantly starts the matching * interaction with your video game personality.

PORTAL Glados voice actor was due to cost reduction … Interviews released behind the scenes at the time

Valve’s Portal series key character GLADOS voice Ellen McLain was an interview with Kiwi Talkz, an overseas podcast Kiwi Talkz, etc. I revealed.

GLADOS, who has appeared in the movie Pacific Rim and has a strong popularity, such as appearing in a fanmade song last year, seems to have been cost reduction for McLain who played this character.


At that time, Valve had facilities for preparing mechanical audio, but it was necessary to use it for copyright issues. It is said that McLain was hired through auditions and played in the mechanical voice described above because it was cheaper to hire an actor.

In the interview, he described the tips for playing robot voices as two syllable (eg, Aperture in Aperture), and Portal 3. He revealed that he was eager to the Series writer, Eric Walpau.

Mafia 4 is officially announced by 2K Games

The mafia saga has been one of the most beloved in recent times, and for that reason a series of remastering were launched recently, a decision that made fans wonder if there would be a sequel after so many years. And now, the brand’s owners, 2K Games, They finally respond to this unknown that has made noise in the industry.

In a recent interview published on the official website of the saga, the general manager of Hangar 13, Roman Hladík, reported that the next game of the series is already on its way. Hladík , made it clear that the development of the project is still in the early stages. That means that their years of development will be quite considerable.


He has started working in a new mafia project.

Before immersing ourselves in the future, accompany us on a trip through the memories of the 20 years of Mafia History #Mafia20

Here his statements:

I am happy to confirm that we have started working on a new mafia project! While some years are missing and we cannot share anything else at this time, we are very excited to continue working on this beloved franchise and entertain our players with new stories.

According to those reported, Mafia 4 will be a prequel that follows the character Don Salieri. The game will narrate his ascent to power and explain how he became the head of the crime. It will take place at the end of the 19th and early twentieth centuries.

It will reach PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC .

Uutispalat 34/2022: Gamescom

Gamescom is behind, so the start of the week brings with it a news report.

Niko Lähteenmäki **, the host of Konsolif Podcast, reads the news of the week just to you so that the gaming world doesn’t get dark.

The episode can also be listened to by Spotify, albeit a little later. News written by Konsolif Podcast, who served as a source of news fires, from week 34, can be found conveniently listed:

  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits heads to Steam’s selections-a free giant update brings plenty of new content

* Tomorrow is no longer just in the hands of Sony as Death Stranding arrives at PC’s Game Pass tomorrow
* If small is beautiful, is the smaller one most beautiful? Finnish design cuts off the keyboard unnecessary

  • PlayStation VR2 will be released in early 2023
  • NHL 23 deck athletes were revealed-both sexes represented for the first time
  • The Last of US Part i presents its modifications with a newly released publication trailer
  • Sony raises the price of PlayStation 5
  • Sony brings PlayStation VR2 to the Tokyo Game Show-Resident Evil Village VR version of visitors test
  • Netflix’s Bioshock movie was selected by both director and screenwriter
  • Horizon Zero Dawn gets its own Netflix series-in needles in The Umbrella Academy pilot
  • Microsoft confirm: The price of Xbox consoles is not raised
  • Nintendo confirm: The price of Switch is not raised
  • Netflix’s Resident Evil Series will be dumped after the first season

GamesCom 2022

  • Pro players Passel Dualsense Edge Controller was announced
  • Sonic Frontiers’ previously rumored release date was confirmed for November-also a new story trailer on lines
  • The assigned Dead Island 2 to Live and Oh Oh, Publication Date was revealed with ferocious bloody trailers
  • Hideo Kojiman Brain Structure Podcast starts in September at Spotify
  • Apina island will be returned in less than a month

No NFL residence game in Munich: Seattle separates from Donkor

It is open how it chooses Donkor, who has brought it to the 2nd division basketball gamer between BG Göttingen before his football occupation. After Seattle placed him on the so-called waiflist, various other NFL teams currently have the chance to authorize the 27-year-old. As well as maybe Donkor can still meet the desire for the NFL in Germany: by 2025, a game in rotation between Munich as well as Frankfurt will certainly take area per period.


By Tuesday (local time), the 32 groups of the NFL need to reduce their squad to 53 players for the period. A victim of this procedure is Donkor from Göttingen. His employer Seattle Seahawks separated from the 27-year-old.

This also damaged the imagine Donkor from an NFL home game in Munich. The Seattle Seahawks will certainly compete in the Allianz Arena against the Tampa Florida Bay Buccaners for the seven-time Super Dish champ Tom Brady because for the best in Germany. Munich is the most effective location for the very first German NFL game, Donkor had actually most recently published on Instagram, in the image of the post he was putting on a jacket from FC Bayern.

Special: Dresden commemorates Derby victory

After the defeats at Viktoria Cologne as well as versus Elversberg, Dresden’s coach Markus at the beginning wondered about the mindset of his gamers. They are not yet secure in difficult scenarios. However the group immediately refuted the statement. Despite a spirited performance, Dynamo Aue beat in the Sachsenderby: The protective held 90 minutes against the considered violets. The SGD additionally had the necessary joy in a few situations: It was clear that Aue would certainly play permanently long balls. In the 2nd fifty percent it was constantly hard to safeguard it, the beginning of Magenta Sport mentioned.


defensive was unsure regarding the complete distance

The fact that the protection was not constantly secure was likewise as a result of the inaccuracies in the passing away game, where they continuously invited. Eventually, Stefan Drljaca did not have to grip-and because Jonathan Meier still had a brilliant idea as well as Christian Joe Conteh remained ice cold before the objective, also the derby triumph leapt out. Ultimately we played correctly and also decided with the tools of Aue, said the SGD train.

currently captivated in the cabin on the derby victory

Just how vital the success for the Saxons was, the jubilation after the late objective (even the replacements ran to the jubilee grape), on the various other hand, the statement by Ahmet Arslan: I have actually likewise played some derbies, however this is currently actual Especially sexy, stated the offensive gamer, who additionally discloses that the players in the cabin had actually commonly spoke concerning a derby triumph in advance.

The connection to the top middle of the table has been established by the success. Currently the Dresdeners, that are among the promo favorites, need to moved the way of thinking from the visitor appearance in Aue to the upcoming video games and gain in a spirited way.

FSV Frankfurt intends to endure in the next derby

Hesse Kassel is the only winless group in the organization so much, which intends to transform the base of the time on Friday evening at the beginning against SGV Freiberg. While the Löwen is still clearly sand in the gearbox, the Freiberg promoters recently refueled fresh guts, against Homburg, the initial three of the still young season brought. Male of the hr at SGV is beginner Ouadie Barini, that has actually scored four of the five objectives thus far. We have actually already shown that we can play football far better than others which we have the possibility to come to be a shock group, states the 31-year-old confidently.

The upcoming challenger from Koblenz has so far accumulated one more counter, the mood is great after the surprising current success against Offenbach (1-0). Coach Oliver Reck: We are on the appropriate track. The dish for success of the 1996 European champion: back in the back of the 3, in front of double leadership, in between a wide five-center facility area, in which the exterior cars and truck gamer Robin Afamefuna as well as Emmanuel Kouadio had to enhance the defensive bar almost permanently versus pushing Offenbacher.

The second Friday game is likewise located with a strong tendency towards the 2nd half of the table, the FC-Astoria Walldorf (15th) welcomes FC Rot-Weiß Koblenz (9th). Walldorf delivered a magnificent 9 goal video game against Hoffenheim last weekend, also if in the end absolutely nothing happened for Astoria regardless of 2 two-goal lead. Unfortunately, the objectives are as well very easy in the first fifty percent. It is a shame if you score four objectives away and that is not enough for one factor, said coach Matthias Born, who with his group continues with 3 meters. Assistance is protective, and the FCA gets that, since the defender Neal GIBS obtained from 1. FC Kaiserslautern is facing his launching. Birthed is hopeful: We really feel well prepared.

Steinbach with tailwind

There are three other video games on Saturday. The climber from Fulda is presently in 16th area with a win as well as two beats at the start.

In addition, there is a professional reserve duel between VfB Stuttgart II as well as TSG Hoffenheim II. Hoffenheim coach Vincent Wagner just recently saw the currently mentioned 5: 4 over Walldorf as well as was as necessary pleased with the commitment of his eleven.


The TSV Steinbach Haiger has fresh tailwind after the recent winning victory against the Bahlinger SC. Throughout the week, Danny Breitfelder was provided with further gain access to for the offensive and Gianluca Korte returned to group training after surviving exterior band tear. Versus Eintracht Trier you wish to include even more, especially considering that the advertised current lately got 2 beats. The Eintracht held versus Primus Ulm on the last match day, lost simply 0-1. Coach Josef Cinar drawn an alike favorable final thought: We don’t need to conceal from any challenger. The young boys reduced everything out and did a whole lot correctly. Such a loss belongs to it. We do not need to allow our heads hang. In Steinbach, nevertheless, Cinar has to make up for the locks of midfielder Spang and also Kinscher.

Derby in Offenbach

Hesse Kassel is the only winless team in the league so far, which wants to transform the bottom of the time on Friday evening at the beginning versus SGV Freiberg. It is a pity if you rack up 4 goals away and that is not enough for one factor, claimed coach Matthias Born, that with his group continues with three meters. On Sunday then the leader SSV Ulm 1846, so far the only group without loss of factors, has been dealing with the minimalists of the Wormatia Worms. Against the FSV we simply have to leave the 3 factors back to us, he makes believe the direction of the march to his group. Offenbach is a very solid group, warns Tim Görner, coach of the FSV, of the upcoming opponent.

Additionally, the 1. FSV Mainz 05 II against the Bahlinger SC. The guests have personnel question marks: demonstrator anglers (muscular troubles) as well as protective gamer Tost (back injury) needed to be changed too soon against Steinbach Haiger (0: 5).

The currently 2 very first Ulm trackers, FC 08 Homburg and also VfR Aalen, satisfy for the direct battle. We have now returned to the base of the facts, claimed Timo Wenzel, coach of FC 08, after the 0: 2 against Freiberg.

It is not yet round with Fitforit Ulms Offenbach, that obtains FSV Frankfurt for the derby on Sunday. Alexander Schmidt, coach of the Ulms, saw a bitter defeat versus Koblenz-already the 2nd in three encounters that have been completed so much. Versus the FSV we simply need to leave the three points back to us, he makes believe the instructions of the march to his team. The Frankfurters recently showed themselves well recovered from the 0: 7 swatter against Homburg from the 2nd matchday as well as pertained to the next bordering conference with the tailwind of a derby victory versus Kassel. Offenbach is an incredibly strong group, warns Tim Görner, coach of the FSV, of the upcoming opponent. It is still open whether he can rely on the opponent Boutakhrit in the Sunday video game, he needed to obtain off the field versus Kassel with muscle troubles in the calf b1. With the protective player Lukas Hupfauf, nonetheless, the FSV had the ability to report enforcement during the week.

On Sunday after that the leader SSV Ulm 1846, up until now the only team without loss of factors, has been managing the minimalists of the Wormatia Worms. The Wormats, in which only one objective was scored in all components of the organization that have been finished up until now, are currently in 14th area. In the current 0-1 defeats against VfB II, the two main protectors Mvoto and also Reuss, who will be missing out on against Ulm, were injured. A difficult task for Coach Max Mehring, which has to improve a well-functioning defensive work, particularly against the Spatzen.

Glatzel or rice? Who fired the 2nd HSV

Glatzel had actually been transforming off after Sonny Kittel’s base was used in added time, Ludovit Reis. The 28-year-old also puzzled the images at the Sky microphone as well as disclosed: I had the sensation that I hit the round, Ludo states that he additionally had the feeling.

Neighborhood production as well as the resolution with which both went to the round were in any kind of case symptomatic for the Hamburg lecture. We drew our lessons out of it, so we need to no much longer existing ourselves, said Tim Leibold after his resurgence with a sight of the rearview mirror and also a total amount of 3 Hamburg area references a week back.

enjoyment after 22 mins

The scene itself was reasonably clear: He knocked me over entirely, claimed Glatzel. After the objection of his person by the umpires, the trainer did not want to open up a barrel: Or else he was extremely excellent as well as really confident, you have to state that.

It continues to be doubtful whether the Hanseates would have remained so calm if they did not ultimately won the game in Franconia confidently. Since after 22 minutes there was once again an excitement, in which Glatzel was likewise involved-and can not bring entirely light right into the dark right here either: on a cross from Pastry shop Jatta, the facility forward was offside. However passive, as he claims himself. From behind, James Lawrence, which had fallen under catch, cleared him in the fine location Felix Zwayer chose complimentary kick for Nuremberg.

8th away-duty success straight

The 28-year-old likewise puzzled the pictures at the Skies microphone and also exposed: I had the feeling that I hit the ball, Ludo claims that he likewise had the sensation. We drew our lessons out of it, so we need to no much longer existing ourselves, said Tim Leibold after his resurgence with a sight of the rearview mirror as well as an overall of 3 Hamburg field references a week earlier.

Due to the fact that after 22 minutes there was once more an exhilaration, in which Glatzel was likewise involved-and might not bring completely light into the dark below either: on a cross from Bakery Jatta, the center onward was offside. The scene itself was reasonably clear: He knocked me over totally, stated Glatzel.

Walter’s HSV won his 8th away video game in a row on Saturday night, yet shed 2 out of 3 video games at house in this period at this point of view. Now the KSC should really feel that we want to get stronger once more at home than last.

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