The Rally Finland was only determined at the round table. Some motorists needed to be disqualified because of making use of unlawful abbreviations by the twelfth round of the eSports WRC Championship. Among them the three-time world champion Lohan ‘Nexl’ Blanc as well as Sami-Joe ‘TM Sami-Joe’ Abi Nakhle.

After incompetencies of the Rally Finland. WRC

Nonetheless, the last had actually currently protected his ticket for the World Finals in September as MVP of the season. ‘Katana’ was the major recipient of the disqualifications as well as won the rally Finland before ‘tentfs_machinetv’ and also ‘rc kriim’

World Final Ticket to reach close

The Pole only has to get eight points in the 13th round of Rallye Greece to relocate safely right into the World Finals.

This has currently been solved after the Rally Finland: John ‘Izamuzing’ Bebnowicz-Harris, Kazuho ‘Kazunakota’ Iwata, ‘Zenou’ and-Trotz Disqualification-‘nexl ‘.

The digital rally Greece will occur from August 12th to 15th. The last 3 tickets for the ESPORT WRC Champion in September can be booked right here.