In the game in between Jena and also Viktoria, the hosts tried to develop a regulated game framework. The Berliners, on the various other hand, stood portable as well as tried to accomplish success with quick assaults using the external lanes. However, the only objective of the very first half complied with an edge kick. Theisen, which the Berliners were seeking time and again in the storm center, stood blank in the 40th minute as well as headed right into the left edge for the tour of the guests. The FCC set out of the video game soon after the restart. Dahlke offered Wonderlich Verbar, that continued to be cool before Köstenbauer Cool (53. ). The hosts had the much better opportunity in the adhering to mins, they can no much longer turn the outcome. Inevitably, it was a reasonable draw. It became unsightly once again after the last whistle. Hehne and Günay integrated, for which the Jena from referee Florian Lukawski saw the red card.

Von Tebe was really offending in the whole game. It is not unusual that the finest opportunity of the Berliners resulted in a mistake by Jakubov, which misjudged with a flank. In return, the CFC in turn put on the well-deserved second goal by Pagliuca, which was staged by Brügmann for the 2nd time (41. ).

The Saturday afternoon started at 1 p.m. with two appealing encounters. The Chemnitzer FC received Tebe Berlin, with FC Carl Zeiss Jena and 3rd division relegated Viktoria Berlin, there were likewise two meant title candidates.

Fifty percent a hr later, the match was kicked off between ZFC Meuselwitz and also in 2014’s champ BFC Eager beaver. The Berliners initially had a hard time, although even more possession of the round had a lot more possibilities, the chances were seldom on both sides. As necessary, the 0-0 was just a break. In the second round this altered. Beck brought the Berliners with a 2-0 lead after over an hour (charge, 64./ 65.). The hosts swiftly struck back. A great mix with martynets utilized Trübenbach for the connection (71st). The video game then considered backward and forward, however absolutely nothing should change on the result regardless of the opportunities. Zipse initially did not bring the round over the line after the crowd, two-way scorer Beck headed to the aluminum as well as lastly, Schätzle additionally fell short dual in equalization.

VSG Altglienicke also durable for Energie Cottbus

At the same time as both co-favorites, SV Lichtenberg 47 and also Germania Halberstadt fulfilled on Friday evening. Lichtenberg took the lead with a requirement, newcomer Gakpeto was on the spot after a corner with the 1-0 (11th). Halberstadt struggled to match, however the home group was defensively secure and hid. Before the break, Gakpeto also noted the 2-0 (42nd)- dream debut for the 30-year-old that came from the Oberliga. Halberstadt nevertheless appeared of the break with vigor, however it was the replacement of Malina, which then brought the guests countable. The joker noted the 1-2 connection hit (65th) just five minutes on the area. Now the Teutons intended to match. In addition to a slatted complimentary kick in the second round, there was very little a lot more from the house group, the remainder of the time they protected all the visitor attempts with good luck and also skill. It stayed for the narrow opening success for the Berliners.

When it comes to promo, an additional duo that is very popular with experts. The VSG Altglienicke received Energie Cottbus. In a hectic game, both groups fulfilled at eye level. After half an hour, Breitkreuz in the fine location pertained to the shot as well as put Altglienicke in the lead. In the 2nd round, Cottbus vehemently promoted equalization, but the VSG protected against better chances with a solid defensive performance. With a counterattack in added time, newbie Cigerci made everything clear.

The FSV Luckenwalde likewise had this in mind in the opening video game versus promoted Rot-Weiß Erfurt.
The home team from Luckenwalde had a little even more of the video game in round, the lead prior to the break was not undeserved: after a cross from the appropriate side, Vierling headed reasonably free-standing to 1-0 (45. ).
After the restart, the climber from Erfurt had a hard time, but seldom came truly dangerous before the goal.
In added time, the equalization was a bit unexpected: the newbie Roscher, that had actually simply been substituted, was served in the fine location by flank as well as hit the 1-1 last score (90. +4).

Leipzig clubs begin Sunday

On Sunday, both Leipzig clubs step in: BSG Chemie is driving to SV Babelsberg 03, 1. FC Lok expects the second group from Hertha BSC in the house.
The Berliner AK 07 likewise bets advertised Greifswald FC.


In the game between Jena as well as Viktoria, the hosts tried to develop up a regulated video game structure. The video game after that evaluated back as well as forth, yet nothing must transform on the result despite the opportunities. In a busy video game, both teams met at eye level. At the very same time as the 2 co-favorites, SV Lichtenberg 47 and Germania Halberstadt fulfilled on Friday night. Before the break, Gakpeto additionally marked the 2-0 (42nd)- dream debut for the 30-year-old who came from the Oberliga.