It’s time for audio news again!

Niko Lähteenmäki **, the host of Konsolif Podcast, reads the news of the week just to you so that the gaming world doesn’t get dark.

The episode can be listened to in Spotify as usual. News written by Consolifin, who served as a source of news fires, from week 31 can be found conveniently listed below:

  • Sony: Xbox’s call of duty ownership can affect consumers’ console choice
  • It’s not a long way to go by nature-the man made a functioning game PC for the interior of the toilet bowl
  • Old Boy Still banging-Old Great Game Boy Congregation will get a new game this year
  • Crysis series authors’ action game breaks records in all silence
  • A good quarter of Gotham Knights game available
  • The invitation to duty goes to deaf ears-players reject the Call of Duty Series for the first time in years
  • Ghost Reconia, Two Point Campus and Cooking Simulator in August Game Pass Additions
  • Silver fox lost the wefts on-fans modified the Final Fantasy VII Remake from Sephiroth
  • Halo Infinite’s open world, which suffered from developmental difficulties, was meant to be much wider and more versatile than today
  • Switch reached 111 million sales limits, but Nintendo tells about the decline in sales
  • Amazing Bomberman, published on Friday, brings music videos and rhythm changing arena
  • Valve prohibits companies in Steam’s graphic elements of the prize logos and review points from September
  • The Pokémon Company Presenterar-The Japanese company shed light on its plans for the rest of the year

* Square Enix’s tactical role-playing Tactics Ogre: Reborn finally announced with date
* The first season of popular Multiversus expression and at the same time a new character increase will be delayed
* Cyberpunk-Ropellus The Ascent gets a story expansion in August
* New Windows 11-Vimpain Bring Game Pass Playouts to your computer desktop
* Joker’s sequel to October 2024-Lady Gaga confirmed that she was involved in the project
* Far Cry 6 free play for the coming weekend
* 15 years later: Beyond Good & Evil 2 received a new main screenwriter
* Kirby’s 30th anniversary concert will be presented as streaming online next week