The German football professional Jakob Johnson made an effective launching for the Las Vegas Raiders from the United States Profiliga NFL.


At 27:11 versus the Jacksonville Jaguars in the traditional Hall of Fame Video Game, the fullback was utilized as a replacement.
The battle in Canton/Ohio was the very first primary video game of two NFL teams for the coming period (begin: September 8).
Johnson changed from the New England Patriots to the Raiders after the past season.
For the group from Foxborough, the Swabian had actually played 37 games in 3 years.
Due to the success, Josh McDaniels additionally achieved a successful debut.
The new head coach additionally originated from the Patriots, in New England the 46-year-old was an offending planner as well as instructor of the quarterbacks for many years.
McDaniels, who comes from Ohio, won the Super Bowl six times as a coach with the Patriots around superstar Tom Brady.