In the continental title battles, the possibilities of precious metal are still far better than with the primarily joyless globe championships in Eugene in the United States a month back. Additionally, there are residential fans in the back and also most choices for the finest German television night instead of in the middle of the night: the problems for the emotional highlight of the period are a lot far better.

In the timelessly beautiful Munich Olympic Arena, the German sports wishes to improve previous celebrity hrs under the outdoor tents roof covering and lighten its dark image of this summer season. A little at least, since also at the European Championships starting this Monday, some medal hopes are not present or, like long dive star Malaika Mihambo Corona concerns.

Lückenkemper: Will certainly be an incredibly beautiful championship

Discus thrower Kristin Pudenz sees it a little extra scheduled. That would be an extremely wonderful exclamation mark that we can establish, stated the Frustrating Olympic runner-up at the Globe Mug. You show that you as a group, even if it doesn’t go so well. Dreifinger Neele Eckhardt-Noack wishes for an excellent efficiency by the German group. But it does not iron what was not entering Eugene, she said.

The German sprinters had actually supplied the other German medal together with Mihambos gold with a relay bronze at the Globe Mug. In general, the 25-year-old views the state of mind in the host team as extremely good as well as the desire for the European Championship as extremely big.

Mihambo: Possibly I will not leap 7.31 currently….


Mihambo is the best hope in spite of her beginning commitment despite the previous Corona infection as well as already in qualification on Tuesday. Most importantly, their psychological toughness ought to act as a model. Possibly I will not jump 7.31 currently, but I can absolutely jump over 7 meters. You really have to state and also trust on your own every day, said the Olympic champion and also protecting champ.

19 medals like at the big EM festival 4 years earlier in the Berlin Olympic Arena, nonetheless, should hardly be this time. The European Championship in Munich will absolutely not be an excellent success, said chief nationwide trainer Annett Stein.

The very first possibilities are currently readily available on Monday in the marathon, among others via Amanal Petros and also Katharina Steinruck as well as in the group category. The races will start as intended at 10.30 a.m. for ladies and at 11.30 a.m. with the guys. Considering that it should not obtain as warm at 25 levels as feared, it remains with the start times. Even this way, the conditions will demand everything from the individuals. Petros intends to divide the 42.195 kilometers of carefully. The German twin sisters Deborah as well as Rabea Schöneborn wish to cool as a lot as possible prior to the start.

Kaul announces top form.

The sight additionally goes to the decathlon with Niklas Kaul as well as Arthur Abele: While the commonly damaged defending champion Abele states goodbye, Kaul could currently give this European Championship the very first significant increase.

The German sprinters had actually delivered the other German medal along with Mihambos gold with a relay bronze at the Globe Mug. On the whole, the 25-year-old views the mood in the host group as very excellent and the need for the European Championship as extremely large.

At night (6.15 p.m./ ZDF), the initial choices in the Olympic Stadium are made in the shot put competitions and the 10,000 meters of females with Konstanze Klosterhalfen. The view also mosts likely to the decathlon with Niklas Kaul and also Arthur Abele: While the frequently injured safeguarding champ Abele bids farewell, Kaul can currently give this European Championship the initial major boost. The ex-world champion wishes to remain in a physical condition which is extra great than ever previously.

The European Championship in Munich will certainly not be a foolproof success, claimed primary national instructor Annett Stein. The German double sisters Deborah and also Rabea Schöneborn desire to cool down as a lot as feasible prior to the begin.