The FPS Ultrakill , which is currently being distributed early on Steam, seems to be showing a rapid increase in the number of STEAM simultaneous connection players. It seems that the strong support received from this work has appeared in the numbers due to the distribution to free additional content on August 17 Japan time.

ULTRAKILL is a retro-style FPS game handled by individual developers Arsi hakita Patala. It advocates a catch phrase called Devil May Quake, featuring a gameplay that combines the combo menic of the Devil May Cry series and the speed of the Quake series. The mobility of the player character is high, and it is possible to avoid and move on a wall kick jumping and instant dashes on the ground/air. Using a variety of weapons according to the situation, we run through the stage at high speed while destroying enemies. A combo bonus is attached to the killing using headshots, multiple kills, and weapons special shots, and the addition of the score accelerates.


One of the systems that features Ultrakill is a recovery system that promotes aggressive play. The protagonist of this work is a killing machine that uses blood as fuel. Therefore, when the enemy’s return blood is exposed to blood, physical strength will recover. In order to use this ability as an advantage, it is important to be thrilling around the enemy. It is easy to be poor in attacking from a safe area or fighting a fleeing and hiding center. In addition, in a battle with powerful bosses, a moment of carelessness is fatal. There is a battle of adrenaline fully open that makes full use of attacks and avoidance. On the other hand, this work has a wide range of difficulties, and even players who are unfamiliar with FPS have been devised to play exhilaratingly.

This work started distribution of Steam early access on September 4, 2020. Since then, the work has been popular for a long time, and the number of Steam user reviews has been over 28,000. Among them, 99 % are overwhelmingly popular status. The number of simultaneous peaks every day continued to be strongly and solid, with a 1,000-person person, and there were days when up to 2,000 people.

With the new chapter Ultrakill: ACT 2: IMPERFECT HATRED distributed as a free update on August 17, the number of simultaneous connection players in this work has increased dramatically. On the day of the distribution, it seems that 16,354 people played this work at the peak time, and it was a record update that far surpassed 2065 records of 2065 (SteamDB).

Regarding ACT 2 and 3 of this work, the implementation in 2021 was the initial goal. ACT 2, which was distributed this time, was a long-awaited update that appeared late as this work was well received and the player base was expanding. It is highly likely that the players have returned to this work all at once and have led to the update of the number of simultaneous connectors. ACT 3 and the final chapter will be implemented in 2023 as the current development plan. It is expected to be officially released at the same time.

Ultrakill is currently being distributed early on Steam. In addition, the price has been announced due to this ACT 2 distribution. At present, the price has not been revised yet, and it can be purchased for 1640 yen, 20 % off until August 23. If you are worried about this work, you should get it on this machine.