If you are trying to get small bones at Tribes of Midgard, you must farm the gobble enemies. By killing goblins in the game, you will get a small amount of small bones that you can use later in various recipes of craft. You can find these goblins only in the Bioma country of pools and in Bioma of Smoki Highland. You will also find out when you find this biom, according to the brown texture of the Earth and the name that will appear on your screen.

It will also not be difficult to find BIM of the Earth of the pools , because this is usually the first area next to the biom of the ash beach, which you encounter after a bright forest. The smoky highlands will be a little more difficult to find, but not impossible. In short, it looks like a desert and usually appears far from a bright forest but remains relatively next to Land of Pools biomas.

As soon as you find one of the regions in the game, you can farm small bones from Various camps which you can find scattered throughout the bioom. You can also find many goblins that need to be killed, which roam in the region. We recommend focusing on small camps at an early stage, as large camps will require higher power levels. Fortunately, you can always increase the level of your strength by creating the best equipment.


other sources of small bones in Tribes of Midgard

The murder of goblins is not the only way to get small bones in Tribes of Midgard. You can also farm the remains of skeletons in the biomes of Gleisher Pixe and smoky highlands. To get the remains of the skeleton, you will need a chirus, we recommend using a higher level of a higher level to get as many bones as possible.

How to use small bones in Tribes of Midgard

Players can use small bones to manufacture various weapons, for example, Khersira 3 sword or a set of Khersira armor. We recommend creating both items, as they are worthy sets of weapons and armor for advancement from lower levels in Tribes of Midgard.

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