Vampire Survivors has caused a big boom in the game industry since its release in December 2021. Simple and easy-to-understand game systems, replayability that you want to play repeatedly, low price settings, etc. have been evaluated, and Steam has gathered more than 110,000 reviews to date, and more than 98%of users recommend it. Popular with.

In addition, the existence of works that would have been respected when this work, which became such a hit, is also indispensable. The settings and characters are influenced by the famous Kuju Castle Dracula, and there are some stories that fans will definitely notice. In addition, Magic Survival, which started distribution as an Android application on October 31, 2019, is speculated that the game content is very similar, and this work may be greatly influenced.

In any case, the game called Vampire Survivors has been established as one genre so far, but Steam rides the boom (as Vampire Survivors itself in a sense). The work is appearing one after another. In this article, we pick up some works. We will introduce 10 selections, including recommended works and works that are not well known!

SPIRIT HUNTERS: Infinite Horde

First of all, this work introduced in Single! When Vampire Survivors gained popularity, it is a rogue action game that started distribution in just four months. The basic system, like Vampire Survivors, selects abilities when leveling up by operating only by moving.

The battle has a 15-minute time limit, and a boss appears at a certain time. In the game of the same genre, which is often played in the same genre that can be played with 30 minutes and 40 minutes, it is perfect for a gap time. A permanent power-up system using items collected during the battle is also implemented.


According to the title The time limit is set for up to 20 minutes work. There are multiple operating characters, each has its own ability. One of the features is that the attack needs to be fired by aiming with the mouse, and the high action is high. The basic attack method is to use shooting weapons, and pistols, shotguns, crossbows, and grenade launchers are available. If it is troublesome to aim, the automatic aiming function is also available.

The game mode can be selected from the standard mode of 20 minutes, the 10-minute quick mode, and the endless mode that can be fighted forever. Even after early access has been started in June 2022, new characters and weapons have been added. GAME*Spark also lists interviews with developers, so if you are interested, please take a look.

Spellbook DemonSlayers Prologue

A demo version of SpellBook Demonslayers scheduled to be released in October 2022. In addition to Vampire Survivors, it is also inspired by Path of EXILE, which combines various magic and upgrades to create powerful builds. Frequent advanced devils will strengthen their nearby enemies, but if they can be defeated, they can deprive them and become their own. At the beginning of the distribution, the operation character was book , which was a hot topic, but the update has implemented a proper human character.

One play can be selected from 13, 20.30 minutes, and the controller is fully supported. Metal rock BGM echoes on the battlefield, and the attack effect is so flashy that it is noted. Like the above-mentioned 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN, the aim of a long-range attack can be manually or automatically selected. In the official release, you can select more characters and customizable difficulty options.

Boneraiser Minions

This work is a operation character that does not fight Rogue action game. The player becomes a pagan of the dead and runs out of the heroes who attack themselves. The player raises the Undette’s familiar, called a minion, and has the hero who attacks infinitely.

Compared to games in the same genre, the characters in this work have a very fast moving speed, high enemy’s attack power, and the stages are so small that the stage is narrow. In addition, if you pick up the bones of the hero that the familiar defeated during the escape, it is possible to strengthen the familiarity. If you train using the coins you acquired at the end of the play, you can create even more powerful familiars. At the time of official release, more content and price increase are planned, but at this time, it is one of the attractions that the price is easy to seek.

Grim Horde

Like the Boneraiser Minions introduced above, this work is also a work that players do not fight. The player will be a dark road led by the devil’s army to conquer human land . The only operations required are moving and summoning the devil. The portal tower, which can be installed every few seconds, summons the devil’s army nearby and automatically attacks village buildings and human warriors.

Conquering the village and gathering human souls will enable your own power and military skills. If you increase your own HP and movement speed, try the boss of the fort. In addition, the game screen also has a small small story that the player is watching the devil’s invasion on live broadcasts.

rogue: Genesia

This work is a rogue action game that will be officially distributed in early 2022. Although it has not been released, the perfection is very high, and for the time being, it is a work that I want to play the already playable demo version **. The basic combat system is the same as the same genre, but it uses a route selection method such as Slay The Spire, and progresses the stage divided by mass and waits for the final stage. We aim to defeat.

Various goals are set in each stage, and those that survive for a few minutes and those that defeat a certain number of enemies are implemented. One of the attractions is that each battle does not become too redundant, as it will proceed to the next stage if you clear your goal. In addition, the quality of the graphics is also high level, and the technology such as HD-2D is used with a 3DCG screen effect on the conventional 2D dot picture that can be seen in Octopus Traveler. 。 The demo version can be cleared in less than 30 minutes per lap, so if you are interested, please play.

Beautiful Mystic Survivors

The game system of this work is very mediocre. However, one of the most notable points is If you take damage, the clothes of the beautiful girl will break . To be precise, there is no change in graphics at present, just a torn sound, but I believe that it will always be implemented in the future. Currently, the demo version is distributed, and the main part is scheduled for September 2022.

Currently implemented characters, including female knights and sisters. Each has a standing picture and a 3D graphic, and it is said that Japanese voice actors are appointed. The demo version does not support Japanese, but the main part seems to support interfaces. As an aside, this work is a work for all ages, but it seems that the release of the alias of the adult version is also planned.


At first glance, it looks like Vampire Survivors, but it is a slightly different game. It was just released about a month ago, but we have gathered more than 2,000 reviews and gained very popular **. The genre is a Rogue Light Tower Defense game. The player becomes a necromancer and combines the dead parts to create their own soldiers, and to defend the tower and explore the world.

The combined body parts are six parts: head, right arm, left arm, torso, right foot, and left foot. Each part is divided into races such as skeletons, zombies, oaks, and harpies, and if you succeed in the appropriate combination, a recipe that leads to time will be released. Basically, players only create monsters, but they can also activate magic at any time, or let the monsters that they have created to the place you like. In addition, Japanese has been added in the other day update.

Soulstone Survivors

This work is a follower work specializing in combat . The basic system does not change, but it is an impression that the battle element is focused compared to Vampire Survivors. The attack effect drawn by the 3D graphics is flashy, and the enemy attacks have the pleasure of avoiding because the prediction range is displayed. In addition, there is no hit judgment between the operation character and the enemy, and the stress is hard to feel because it is damaged only by attacking only.

Each skill is assigned an attribute, and when combined with the attribute enhanced skill, various synergies can be generated, creating your own build. You can make new weapons using ore acquired on the stage, such as the growth elements of the collected in-game currency, and unlock and equip dozens of runes. Distribution is scheduled this year, and the demonstration version can now be downloaded.


This work, which started distribution in early access in March 2019, is not a follower work in chronological order, but has gained overwhelmingly popular with a review of more than 7,000 in Steam **. Vampire Survivors is a love work. The genre is a rogue action game with all directions barrage shooting. The classic arcade style and the space combat element are fused, and you can experience speedy and exhilarating actions.

You can level up by defeating the enemy and select a MOD that will be an upgrade element. You can enjoy a variety of builds, such as developing drones, burning a horde of enemies with a thruster, generating a large amount of divisional grenades. Continuous updates have been implemented since the distribution started, and various content will be added in the future. It also supports Japanese.

As a result of touching many works in the introduction this time, I was able to feel some changes about this genre. One of them is shortening the time per play.

Some say that Vampire Survivors is more likely to play time and boring time as the stronger one becomes stronger. In the following works, that point was often improved, and measures such as setting a short time limit from the beginning were taken. The second is that many works emphasize combat and action elements with the boss. The characteristics of this genre, which tend to work, diluted, and the fun as an action game was increasing in battle with strong enemies.

About six months have passed since Vampire Survivors became a hot topic.
Because it is still a growing genre, it has become one of the genres that I am looking forward to to do in the future.
GAME*Spark will continue to introduce new information and interesting works in this genre.
If you have any other recommended works, please let us know in the comments!