SCREAMBOX STUDIO has announced that it will distribute early access from September 8th from September 8th from September 8. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). According to the description of the Steam store page, it suggests support for Japanese display.

EXTREMELY REALISTIC SIEGE WARFARE SIMULATOR is a strategy game using physical simulation. Players lead a medieval army and challenge a multi-to-multi-to-siege battle where enemy and ally are in a stage of more than 40 stages. The purpose of the game is to give your army soldiers on units, and sometimes use weapons such as stoneworks and castle hammer to attack the enemy’s castle. The unit will automatically fight according to the instructions, so the strategic operation of the player holds the key to the capture. While choosing instructions to the unit, it seems that the game progresses slowly, such as the slower game progress. It is also possible to hit the battlefield on the battlefield while playing. In that case, the soldiers were operated in an action game format from the third person perspective. With melee weapons and rampage using bow and arrow, players can set an important move to change the situation.

This work also focuses on how to excite the players. At the start of early access, support with friends and multiplayer. In addition, in Sandbox mode, you can enjoy a stage where you can freely place walls and units.

It is said that this work is expected to be about one year to one and a half years as an early access distribution period. At the start of early access distribution, it seems that a series of gameplay elements introduced in this article have been implemented. One of the reasons for early access distribution is to support Steam Workshop. We plan to use Steam Workshop to share our own stage and play with friends in the future. In addition, the stage creation function has been expanded for the official release. The company plans to add units and siege weapons, add new game play mechanics and new maps for multiplayer. He seems to be looking for a way to play among players, such as aiming to create an impregnable castle, or to work with his friends to attack the castle.

EXTREMELY REALISTIC SIEGE WARFARE SIMULATOR will be distributed early on September 8. The compatible platform is PC (Steam).