EMBRACER GROUP was announced on May 2, 2022 that a share transfer agreement with Square Enix was announced Crystal Dynamics , EIDOS-Montréal , SQUARE ENIX MONTREAL I reported that the acquisition was completed.

This acquisition includes 50 IPs, including the development studio, including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, THIEF, and LEGACY OF KAIN. According to the release, the acquisition amount is about $ 300 million (about 41 billion yen), including about 1,100 employees related to three studios.

The acquired studio has been announced to form a new business group of EMBRACER GROUP in the future. Soon, Square Enix Montréal seems to change the studio name.

Square Enix has also reported that the transfer of shares has been completed on its own site (PDF). The impact on consolidated achievements in the fiscal year ending March 20, 2023 with the transfer of shares is currently being scrutinized, and will be contacted promptly in the event of issues to be disclosed in the future.