Gamescom is behind, so the start of the week brings with it a news report.

Niko Lähteenmäki **, the host of Konsolif Podcast, reads the news of the week just to you so that the gaming world doesn’t get dark.

The episode can also be listened to by Spotify, albeit a little later. News written by Konsolif Podcast, who served as a source of news fires, from week 34, can be found conveniently listed:

  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits heads to Steam’s selections-a free giant update brings plenty of new content

* Tomorrow is no longer just in the hands of Sony as Death Stranding arrives at PC’s Game Pass tomorrow
* If small is beautiful, is the smaller one most beautiful? Finnish design cuts off the keyboard unnecessary

  • PlayStation VR2 will be released in early 2023
  • NHL 23 deck athletes were revealed-both sexes represented for the first time
  • The Last of US Part i presents its modifications with a newly released publication trailer
  • Sony raises the price of PlayStation 5
  • Sony brings PlayStation VR2 to the Tokyo Game Show-Resident Evil Village VR version of visitors test
  • Netflix’s Bioshock movie was selected by both director and screenwriter
  • Horizon Zero Dawn gets its own Netflix series-in needles in The Umbrella Academy pilot
  • Microsoft confirm: The price of Xbox consoles is not raised
  • Nintendo confirm: The price of Switch is not raised
  • Netflix’s Resident Evil Series will be dumped after the first season

GamesCom 2022

  • Pro players Passel Dualsense Edge Controller was announced
  • Sonic Frontiers’ previously rumored release date was confirmed for November-also a new story trailer on lines
  • The assigned Dead Island 2 to Live and Oh Oh, Publication Date was revealed with ferocious bloody trailers
  • Hideo Kojiman Brain Structure Podcast starts in September at Spotify
  • Apina island will be returned in less than a month