The lighthouse in the aisle of Pilgrim quickly goes out, and only you can save him. At the cost of 15 firewood and 25 fragments of crystals, players are wondering whether it is worth repairing the lighthouse. Below we will tell in detail what you will receive in exchange for help in ensuring the safety of the shores of Pilgrim.

What does the lighthouse do in the Cult of the Lamb?

As the pilgrims worshiping on the lighthouse will tell you, the lighthouse does not allow the ships to break on the nearby cliffs near the shore. This does not mean anything for you, as for a player. For you, a repaired lighthouse opens a new source of devotion, as well as more shopping opportunities.


When you donate 15 firewood, the pilgrims inside the lighthouse will be always grateful to you and arrange a sanctuary inside the lighthouse, where you can collect devotion. Again lighted fire will also attract more pilgrims on the coast that will open the store. Here you can buy new jewelry, paths and even tarot cards.

Later, pilgrims will tell you that the lighthouse needs crystal fragments. As soon as you donate 25 fragments of crystals (which can be found in an Ankordip), pilgrims will give you a new form of a follower for your cultists.

In the end, the repair of the lighthouse is worth it, because it opens another path for the cards of the tarot, goods, forms of followers and bonus devotion.

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