The lord of the rings: the power rings allows fans of Tolkien’s work to continue digging in his universe, this time on the small screen. For others, the series releTolkiened in Prime Video will be the first contact with the Middle Earth. Many will be surprised by the contrTolkient between elves and hairs. Why are some so handsome and others so ugly?

Why are elves so handsome and the hairs so ugly in power rings?

The hairs are one of the three types of hobbits that inhabit the Tolkien universe. They represent the largest group of the breed and stand out for their affinity with the dwarves. Their agility allowed them to settle on the slopes of the hills, something that clTolkienhes in contrTolkient to their way of seeing life, more sedentary than that of their compatriots. His brunette skin identifies them in front of the albos.


The elves, on the other hand, appear with a high figure of white hair and beautiful features. Many talk about this representation seeks to raise them in front of humans . They are the image of perfection, of the immortal race that seeks to be eranged above all the inhabitants of the Middle Earth. The rings of power portray them in more diverse ways (such Tolkien Elrond himself, which appears in the upper photo), but all have a common so-called: beauty.

The truth is that being handsome or ugly is a decision that Tolkien made when writing his work. Many of today’s medieval fantTolkienies drink directly from the Lord of the Rings . It is a matter of interpreting the diversity that society lives. If something taught us the community of the ring is that we can all forge strong relationships for more different than we are.

The power rings, now available in Prime Video

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