Italy’s national coach Giancarlo Wozzeck had actually formerly reported that after the surprising victory in the round of 16 against Serbia, his gamers made his charge card offered to commemorate last Sunday. herbert was incapable to claim what his gamers did after the big accomplishment versus the Greeks: I really do not wish to know, said the 63-year-old with a smile.

After the 107: 96 (57:61) triumph in the quarter-finals against greece on Tuesday Herbert had been in a row: Dennis wanted my bank card. I claimed: I was divorced 3 times, you will not like the limit. The early morning after, according to Herbert, even his ex-wife called him and asked what it was all around.

On Wednesday, the national gamers were free to get ready for Spain a day later on, which is waiting in the semifinals on Friday (8:30 p.m./ Magenta and also RTL). Herbert alerted not to rest on the success against the Greeks. We have a goal which is still ahead of us, he stated.

Basketball nationwide train Gordon Herbert educated the much-noticed bank card legend after the well-known semi-finals at the residence European Champion.

Dennis Schröder never asked me concerning my credit card. It was a joke that went out a bit, said the instructor at a media round on Wednesday: I believed that would be enjoyable due to the Italian trainer.