[ Park Yeo-jin Reporter] Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft (WOW) development team released the new episode of the BUILDING ZEROTH series ‘Zeros: Zeros: Zeros’ video of the BUILDING ZEROTH series. Did.

Original WOW: In the early part of the Rich King’s anger, the user will participate in the battle of the Wrath gate along the main stem of the Dragon Blight Campaign. This battle, the last part of the campaign, included WOW’s first cinematic in the game.

In this video, WOW Development Team’s Terran Gregory chief cinematic narrative designer talks about the anecdotes that he experienced when he developed WOW’s first cinematic in WOW, while the cinematic brought in the in-game visual storytelling after the gateway to anger. I told you about it.

It included the initial process of creating a cinematic with only in-game engines using the engine, and the fact that the development team employees performed their voice or character.

The entire video of the production of cinematic can be viewed on the WOW YouTube channel.