According to the Spanish radio terminalDeal _, the presently injured globe footballer Alexia Patellas has not resigned. With Patti Guitar, MAPI Leon, Sandra Panos, Astana Bonsai, Marion Talented, On Battle, Lucia Garcia or Lies Alexandria, according to info from the broadcaster, many players who had actually been in the European Championship initial round versus Germany in July.

In the Spanish nationwide group of females there was an extraordinary mass withdrawal in demonstration against train Jorge Villa. As the National Organization revealed REEF, 15 players of the A group with e-mails had surrendered in the exact same phrasing during Thursday. In it, the internationals clarify that they considerably affect the current circumstance in their mood and their wellness.


A return of the players who have actually currently surrendered is only possible if they see their errors and also ask forgiveness.

Their procedure does not match to the values of football and also instead is even dangerous, stressed the association. According to relevant Spanish legislation, the players endanger the players of two to five years. The national team needs to currently be filled with youth players if needed, the important point is that they are dedicated, said Reef: This is a question of dignity.

As the National Association introduced REEF, 15 players of the A team with emails had surrendered in the very same phrasing in the course of Thursday. According to relevant Spanish law, the players intimidate the players of 2 to five years. The nationwide team needs to currently be loaded with young people players if necessary, the major thing is that they are dedicated, stated Reef: This is a concern of self-respect.

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Up until the turnaround of the conditions, i.e. the shipment of the training team from his jobs, they would not stand for the Spanish nationwide group. Nonetheless, the organization does not intend to succumb to the pressure. The REEF will certainly not allow the players to examine the continuity of the nationwide train and his training personnel, since such decisions do not drop into their location of responsibility, said a declaration.