Fischer is supposed to respond to the headwind, especially from ultra circles. According to Build, the severe declarations of the 66-year-old experience in addition to the scheduled sale of further club shares in order to generate equity.

On Monday night, Eintracht Frankfurt unsuccessfully introduced the re-election of Head of state Peter Fischer. The approval values for fishermen connected by the association raising inquiries.

In view of an authorization of 99 percent in Fischer’s re-election in 2019, an abundant burglary.

Peter Fischer was re-elected as President with a majority of practically 80 percent, claims a message on the official club homepage of Eintracht Frankfurt. As the picture has uncovered, the great approval is really glossed over.

Accordingly, the in fact approval for Fischer is just 67.2 percent. The latter simply leaves out the Contract and for that reason comes to virtually 80 percent.

Eintracht Frankfurt: That’s why Peter Fischer is not undeniable

Fischer explained the waiver of brand-new capital as a danger. Statements that are not well received all over in the fan scene.

Accordingly, the real approval for Fischer is only 67.2 percent. The latter simply leaves out the Contract and therefore comes to almost 80 percent. According to the paper, the statutes of the club also warrants this uncommon approach.

Fischer made a clear declaration concerning the rumor at the Champions League game against Olympic Marseille, in which there were sometimes terrifying disputes in the stands, and did not shy away from articulating the unpleasant fact that the Contract fans were not completely innocent.

Fischer denounced large misbehavior as well as an excruciating situation and explicitly described the engagement of some Contract supporters. Anyone that does something such as this or perhaps in best will act against the interests of Eintracht Frankfurt as well as its members, claimed Fischer.