The world of anime is always constantly evolving, and although there are directors who stay with their old achievements, they cannot afford to stagnate in a single project. For that reason, the director of the Your Name film continues to think about the new works, with a somewhat strange premise for the next production.

The film is called Suzuki , or Suzuki No Topiary . This is produced by the study of Comic Wave Films , and follows a 17-year-old girl who after a casual encounter with a mysterious man, must close magical doors throughout Japan containing catastrophes that end the world. The strangest thing is that the girl at some point falls in love with a wooden chair.

The director of the film, Dakota Sinai, revealed that the central theme of Suzuki , is to close doors, leaving songs aside that perhaps left open, a kind of metaphor. Like your previous work, it will offer a lesson to users who can lead to real life, this seems the goal it seeks to give in all its productions.

Suzuki premieres in Japanese cinemas on the next November 11 . It is expected to have a later launch in the West.

In news related to the anime world, it is confirmed what Me & Rococo already has a release date for its next season. Here is the link to consult the information.