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Suddenly announced and distributed by the bloody piping action THE PLUMBER THING. BABA IS YOU developer last minute experimental work

On October 28, individual developer Temple announced The Plumber Thing and started distribution on the same day. DOPE reports. It can be obtained by purchasing the bundle CLICK-OR-TREAT 2022 at ITCH.IO, and can be purchased separately by paying more than $2.

THE PLUMBER THING is a horror metroidvania action game. The protagonist is the piping work. The purpose is to repair the water leaks generated under the Brooklyn basement in New York and return to the ground. Although the character design and setting are similar to Super Mario, it features a grotesque expression, such as the hero’s head is projected on the machine at the opening.

TEMPLE, who is developing the development, has worked on the logical puzzle game BABA IS YOU. The game engine to be used is Multimedia Fusion 2 as in the previous work. TEMPLE’s mysterious work was suddenly released. I also purchased and played this work, but it has a gimmick in the metroidvanian system and is quite elaborate. A complex gimmick lover, Hempuli-like idea will be packed. Note that there is a violence expression throughout the game.

TEMPLE wrote in the README file, I did almost all myself and I didn’t have anyone tested. Therefore, it seems that debugging is hardly d1. When I played on the desktop PC I usually use, I encountered a hell-like problem that the ground was not displayed and just dropped and died. Although the update has been implemented in detail since the distribution date, it may be better to be careful when purchasing, as you may encounter a problem (possibly) dependent (possibility). It is a bargain experimental work.


THE PLUMBER THING is being distributed on

Bavaria quit unfavorable trend – Alba

The MHP Giant Ludwigsburg also has the same equilibrium as the Munich. The group of instructor Josh King won the Würzburg Baskets with 89:86 (40:36) and also has been developed in the upper third of the table for the time being. The hosts (2: 3) ranking in the organization center field.

After three beats in the Euro league and the 78:81 in the Bundesliga in Hamburg, nationwide gamer Andreas Oust led the Munich to been worthy of success. The 26-year-old persuaded with 25 factors, consisting of 6 successful ranges. Routine Elias Harris (33) was also striking with 21 points.

Details Rostock Sea wolves: Nelson 13, Alston Jr. 12, Lewis 12, Roland 10, Glover 7, Pearson 6, de Oliveira 4, Nairobi 3, This 3.

Alba Berlin: Wetzel 19, Linde 16, Zoos man 13, Schneider 12, Sigma 10, Blast 7, Thailand 7, Apiece 6, Hammers 5, Below 3, Schultz 3, Smith 3.
visitor: 4726.

Report Frankfurt-Löwen Braunschweig 59:61 (7: 17.15: 13.19: 16.18: 15).

Details FC Bayern Munich: Oust 25, Harris 21, Rubin 12, Tonga 6, Weiler-Babb 5, Winston 5, Zipper 5, Walden 3, Gillespie 2, Faramarz 2, Lucia 2.
Hard Merlins Trailhead: Mikalauskas 17, Stephens 14, Manhunt 12, Radosavljevic 11, Livingston II 7, Black 6, RCIC 6, Lewis 4.
viewer: 5316.

Protecting champion Alba Berlin dominated on Sunday versus the relegated mountain climber and also clearly won with 104: 70 (46:36). Alba won all 5 league games. After four competitive beats, FC Bayern Munich was able to win against the Hard Merlins Trailhead. The group of instructor Josh King won the Würzburg Baskets with 89:86 (40:36) and has been developed in the top third of the table for the time being. The hosts (2: 3) rank in the organization center field.

FC Bayern Munich-hakro Merlins Trailhead 88:77 (33: 22.16: 18.18: 11.21: 26).

Rostock Seawolves-Alba Berlin 70: 104 (18: 26.18: 20.16: 25.18: 33).

After four competitive defeats, FC Bayern Munich had the ability to win versus the Hard Merlins Trailhead. The group of the Italian coach Andrea Trencher prevailed with 88:77 (49:40) and also is 4: 1 success simply like Rostock in the Bundesliga top team. Trailhead (1: 4), on the other hand, does not start in the new season.

Würzburg Baskets-MHP Titan Ludwigsburg 86:89 (13: 22.23: 18.24: 22.26: 27).

Protecting champion Alba Berlin controlled on Sunday versus the delegated climber and plainly won with 104: 70 (46:36). Alba won all five organization games. The most effective Berlin launchers were YAGNI Wetzel with 19 and Louis Linde with 16 points.

Details Würzburg Baskets: Whittaker 21, Search 18, Bryce 10, Well 10, Williams 9, Boomer 7, Static 6, Peter 3, Williams 2.
MHP Titan Ludwigsburg: Johnson 21, Hub 17, Miller 16, Roberson 13, Dunn 10, Barton 4, Edition 3, Jacob Patrick 3, Bare 2.
customer: 2259.

Things Report Frankfurt: Frazier 17, Give 12, Obese 7, Robertson 7, Wank 5, Brenner 4, Tubules 4, Beliauskas 3.

Lower Braunschweig: Kramer 17, Being 13, van Shooter 8, Maize 7, Hobbs 7, Fur 5, B. Fischer 2, N. Fischer 2.
viewer: 4400.

The Lower Braunschweig won the very first win of the period at the Report Skylines from Frankfurt at the slim 61:59 (30:22). In a video game characterized by the defensive, David Kramer was the most effective shooter with the Lower Saxony with 17 factors.

[Weekly Trehan] Sashimi in the late 30s to early 40s is the treasure from October 23, 2022 to October 29, 2022!

October 23, 2022, Weekly Treasure Hunt , which introduces the game information and entertainment information that you are worried about because you missed it or the timing did not match. It is for October 29. It is a rough introduction, but I hope you find a treasure for everyone.

Wonderful announced by placing ## tiles and adventure

An atmosphere that is likely to be healed.

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Endless drive game SLOW ROADS that can be played on a browser

You can run without mind.

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Train-led urban architecture game Sweet Transit The first update distribution

The main purpose is to improve the foundation.

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Indie Horror Handle appears on Steam

The popular low poly horror is over.

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AMONG US content appears in the multi-play sandbox Tinker town

The design of the crew is simple, so it’s easy to collaborate (laughs)

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The transplanted version of the new NEW game Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike and the Quest for Stale Gum is now available

Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store)/PS4/Xbox One/Delivered for Nintendo Switch.

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Allows Rogue Light Shooter B.I.O.T.A. SWARM Game Play Video

It is set in the same world as B.I.O.T.A. released in April 2022.

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Minimal Bark Rogue Light Shooter OUTER TERROR announced

The 2.5D visual is impressive.

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Retro Style FPS PROTEUS Switch version distribution started

The domestic version of the store page has not yet been revived.

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Cold War era Parallel World FPS Industrial Steam version Japanese compatible

In accordance with the release of the domestic PS5 version. Developer commentary has also been added.

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Football Globe Mug 2022: The German group opponents in check

At the World Cup 2022 in Qatar , Germany meets Group E on Japan, Spain as well as Costa Rica . What can be anticipated from the nationwide team’s challengers? Who are their essential players? makes the World Mug challenger check.

A portable overview of the routine of the 2022 World Mug in Qatar is below .

Germany’s initial team opponent at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: Japan

| When versus Germany: Wednesday, November 23 (2 p.m./ IDF).| Equilibrium versus Germany: Two international matches, a draw, a defeat, 2: 5 goals.
Last duel against Germany: 30. May 2006 in Leverkusen, examination game, 2-2.| World Cup involvement: 6 (last 2018, from the round of 16).
The Biggest World Mug success: round of 16 2002, 2010, 2018.| The credentials for the 2022 globe cup in Qatar: 8 games, eight success, 46: 2 objectives. So initially in team f of the Globe Cup qualification of Asia. Challengers: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Myanmar (all not certified).| The superstars: Tatum Min amino (as Monaco, formerly FC Liverpool), Shinji Tarawa (VS St. Crewmen, formerly BVB).

The instructor: Anime Marinas (given that 2018).| The most seasoned nationwide gamers: Auto Anatomy (134 caps), Shinji Okazaki (119 caps), Maya Yeshiva (114 caps), Shinji Tarawa (97 international suits).| Bundesliga legionnaires: Trauma Asana (VFL Bochum), Water End (VfB Stuttgart), Genii Yamaguchi (1. FC Union Berlin), KO Tamara (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Pirogi Ito (VfB Stuttgart), Dacha Ramada (Eintracht Frankfurt), AO Tanaka (Fortuna Düsseldorf), Maya Yeshiva (FC Schalke 04).
The check: Every 4 years the football-loving Japan takes visible actions onward. In a team with Spain and Germany, however, the Japanese probably just continue to be third.

Germany’s 2nd group challenger at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: Spain.

| When versus Germany? Thursday, December 1st (4 p.m./ ARD).| Balance versus Germany: an international match, a defeat, 2: 4 goals.
Last duel versus Germany: 9. June 2006, World Mug initial round, 4-2 for Germany.| Globe Mug participation: 5 (last 2018, in the initial round).| the greatest World Cup success: quarter-finals 2014.| The qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: 14 games, seven victories, four draws, three beats, 13: 8 objectives. So fourth in the Concacaf team behind Canada, Mexico and also the USA . 1: 0 victory in the global Play-off video game versus New Zealand in June 2022.
The instructor: Luis Fernando Suárez (given that 2021).
The superstar: Taylor Naval (PSG).| The most experienced national players: Cello Borges (145 caps), Bryan Ruiz (137 international matches), Joel Campbell (109 caps), Taylor Naval (106 international matches).| Bundesliga legionnaires: none.| The check: The outsider in Team E. PSG goalkeeper Taylor Naval can not transform that. With him, Ruiz, Borges as well as Campbell, there are still some Globe Mug heroes from 2014 aboard. Back then, Costa Rica understood the hammer team with Italy, England and Uruguay as a team champion and also left in the quarter-finals versus the Netherlands after fine shootout.

The tip for the Germany group E at the Globe Mug in Qatar: There will be no surprises. Germany and Spain compose initially and also two among themselves. Japan comes to be third, Costa Rica needs to be satisfied with the last area.

Germany’s third group challenger at the 2022 Globe Mug in Qatar: Costa Rica.

At the World Mug 2022 in Qatar , Germany satisfies Team E on Japan, Spain and Costa Rica . The check: Every four years the football-loving Japan takes visible actions forward. Fourth in the Concacaf group behind Canada, Mexico and also the United States . 1: 0 success in the intercontinental Play-off game against New Zealand in June 2022.
The tip for the Germany group E at the World Mug in Qatar: There will be no surprises.

When versus Germany: Sunday, November 27th (8 p.m./ ARD).| Balance versus Germany: 25 caps, 8 success, 8 draws, 9 beats, 31:30 goals.
Last duel against Germany: 17. November 2020 in Seville, Nations Organization A, 6-0 for Spain.| World Cup engagement: 16 (last 2018, from the round of 16).
Best Globe Mug success: Globe Champion 2010.| The qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: 8 games, 6 victories, a draw, a defeat, 15: 5 goals. To make sure that initial in the UEFA qualification group B. Opponents: Sweden, Greece, Georgia, Kosovo (all not qualified).
The trainer: Luis Enrique (given that November 2019, formerly from July 2018 to March 2019).| The superstars: Sergio Banquets, Gave, Terran Torres, Pedro (all FC Barcelona).| One of the most knowledgeable national gamers: Sergio Ramos (180 international suits, most lately no longer thought about), Sergio Banquets (138 global matches).| Bundesliga legionnaires: none.| The check: A warm title prospect. Under train Luis Enrique, the 2010 World Cup champ will change the generation change-and is significantly successful.

NBA: Brandheißer Tyrese Maxey conserves the Sixers – Cavs duo at overtime

  • The strong start of the season of leading choice Paolo Ranchers continued-and was ultimately compensated with a win in the 6th attempt. Many thanks to its flirt with a triple double (21 factors, 12 rebounds, 7 assists at 8/14 FG), the Lakers as well as Kings are the last continuing to be teams without a single win this period.
  • Ultimately, Orlando had no troubles with the Hornets. Surprisingly, BOL relocated into the Starting Five and also the Big did his task correctly (11 and also 7 rebounds). The protection was decisive, which Charlotte maintained in the very first fifty percent at only 26.8 percent. The Magic finished fifty percent with a 20: 3 run and also the game was chosen. The residence side broadened the lead to 32 points after the change of sides.
  • In addition to Ranchers, Mo Samba made a strong game from the financial institution. The Big put 19 factors (8/12 FG), 6 rebounds and also 3 blocks, also Wendell Carter Jr. (15, 5 rebounds and 4 helps) or Franz Wagner (13, 5/8 FG, +23 in 23 minutes) revealed good efficiencies. Moritz Wagner was not there again as a result of a foot injury.
  • With the Hornets, Gordon Hayward scraped the typical form (18), the remainder of the team that had to do without Terry Cozier (ankle), Lamely Sphere (ankle joint) and also Cody Martin (Quadriceps) was a frustration. We didn’t also strike the sea in the second quarter, which hurts, Hayward summarized his team’s look. Nick Richards still collected 14 factors as well as 6 rebounds.

Articles and also video clips on the topic.
Lakers proceeded to win! LeBron document and also West brooks from the bank are insufficient.
Experience the NBA live on DAZN. Register now! Can be canceled at any type of time.

Orlando Magic (1-5) Charlotte Hornets (2-3) 113: 93 (box core).

  • Cars Lever as well as Donovan Mitchell walked in Boston in the steps of Kyrie Irving and also LeBron James-Das, nobody would have believed before the season. Yet actually: only this duo in the franchise business history of the Cavaliers dipped into least 40 factors in one game, that remained in the Finals 2016. And also currently the names Mitchell/Lever additionally belong on this list.
  • The duo only made a decision an insane game in overtime for the Cars. In the initial fifty percent, the visitors received 75 points from Boston (Celtics best in one half considering that November 2007) as well as were behind with as much as 15 points. Cleveland struck back in the 3rd quarter and also even had the chance to take the lead quickly prior to the end of the regular period. However, Jarrett Allen satisfied only 1 of 2 free tosses to compensate, Jayson Tatum failed with the prospective game victor, and it went into extra time.
  • Then virtually only the Cars played and also mostly Lever. The 28-year-old took offensive load from Mitchell’s shoulders without the hurt Darius Garland and could rarely be dropped in OT. The last 11 CARS counters hosted likely to his account, including the Dagger 30 seconds prior to the end by 3 with foul.
  • In the end, Lever had 41 factors, he met Stark 12/21 from the area and 6/8 by Downtown as well as dispersed 7 aids. Mitchell matched this return (41, 15/26 FG, 5/9 trio, but 7 turnover) as well as additionally guaranteed a highlight of the game with a violent poster dunk. Evan Mobley scattered a double dual (19 and 10 rebounds), as well as all (12 and also 11).
  • When it concerned highlights, Jaylen Brown can not be asked who subsequently brought the poster in OT Mitchell. Not much went for Boston’s violation in the fifty percent field, normally the strike stuttered in the second half (an overall of 19 gymnastics). Formerly, Jayson was the outstanding man (32, 24 of them in half-time one), Brownish protected himself in the fourth quarter as well as overtime with 14 of his 32 points (see 8 rebounds and 4 assists). That had not been sufficient versus the strong Cars duo.

  • Second Hawks victory against the pistons within 3 days as well as this time Trade Youthful was right ablaze. Although he also noted 35 points in the initial battle, yet his trio did not (1/7), now the Guard had significantly a lot more target water. En route to 36 points in just thirty minutes, he hammered 4/6 triples via the Reuse (12/20 FG in total amount) and also distributed an additional 12 assists with just one ball loss.

  • I obtained the very same appearances, yet today they fulfilled. After a well-balanced first half, his 13 factors in the third round were specifically vital.
  • Young was no more made use of in the last area, but the Hawks left the foot on the accelerator pedal. Currently, the also strong Denounce Murray (26 as well as 5 helps, 0 turns over) took over the offense, Atlanta won the passage with 30:18 and also the important things more than. Onega Congo contributed 16 points and also 7 boards, Aaron Vacation came near 14 points.
  • So Made Cunningham might not award himself for a solid appearance consisting of a brand-new Career-High. The Guard ablaze (27) remained in the first half before nasty troubles decreased. At the end there were 35 factors (14/23 FG), 9 rebounds as well as 8 helps, according tostat musemost points of a 21-year-old in the Pistons’ jersey because Isiah Thomas. Bajan Bogdanović additionally scored appropriately (22), much like Isaiah Stewart (17 and 8 rebounds), however Detroit only hit 39 percent out of the area in the 2nd fifty percent and also Atlanta just could not quit (45:67).


Onega Congo added 16 factors and 7 boards, Aaron Vacation came up to 14 factors.
At the end there were 35 points (14/23 FG), 9 rebounds and 8 assists, according tostat musemost points of a 21-year-old in the Pistons’ jersey considering that Isiah Thomas. The Big put 19 points (8/12 FG), 6 rebounds and 3 blocks, also Wendell Carter Jr. (15, 5 rebounds and 4 assists) or Franz Wagner (13, 5/8 FG, +23 in 23 mins) revealed excellent performances. In the initial fifty percent, the visitors received 75 points from Boston (Celtics best in one half because November 2007) and were behind with up to 15 points. In the end, Lever had 41 factors, he met Stark 12/21 from the field and also 6/8 by Downtown as well as distributed 7 helps.

Boston Celtics (3-2)- Cleveland Cavaliers (4-1) 123: 132 OT (box core).

Not a Joel Embodied, Tyree Malay racked up the Mixers for success with his finest game in the NBA. Brand crap are also the nuggets and also pacers, Giannis Antetocounmpo is as well much for the twists. As well as a Cars duo is changing versus Boston in the overtime thriller in the footprints of LeBron James and also Kyrie Irving.

Detroit Pistons (1-5)- Atlanta Hawks (4-1) 112: 136 (box core).

RB Leipzig: Rouven Schröder as a sporting activities director in discussion

Rouen Schröder, that resigned at FC Schalke 04 on Wednesday, is stated to be under discussion as a sporting activities’ supervisor at RB Leipzig. Thebuildrecords.

In 2019, Borussia Mönchengladbach practically had a collaboration in between Ebert and also Schröder. But during that time Ebert talked out against the responsibility.

As necessary, Leipzig’s new sporting activities manager Max Ebert intends to obtain individual support for the sporting field from December. The route causes Schröder.

In retrospection, it was a mistake because we can have distributed the jobs over two even more shoulders, claimed the 49-year-old just recently in thebuild on Sunday _.


The 47-year-old had surrendered to Schalke for exclusive factors. His contract with the miners that runs by 2024 was made of ice. RBL would therefore need to transfer a transfer to Gelsenkirchen.

Articles and video clips on the topic
* Modest transfer probably lands in court
* Register the Bundesliga on Fridays as well as Sundays exclusively survive DAZN-now!

The best sex mods for Sims 4

The Sims from EA __ series is known for fraud that you can perform under the sheets. You can get involved in all kinds of pranks or, finally, satisfy your curiosity about what is under a small censorship mosaic when your sim takes a shower… speaking of mods, these for The Sims 4 will raise your Sim’s love life to a new level!

Best Sex Mods in The Sims 4

As always, mods are not part of the official basic game, so keep in mind that this will include adding content to your game not certified EA. However, they are well tested and probably safe to use. It is also important for readers to remember that some these mods can be especially obvious or graphic in nature, depending on individual sensitivity.

Risky Woohoo-MC command center

We examined how to turn on * risky Boohoo in the past, as well as how to install MCCC. If you have not heard about this before, this is * a mod that allows you to better control the fertility of your Sim . After installing the mod, you can establish the likelihood of pregnancy of your Sim using a regular uh option, instead of pressing , try for a child . For example, you can establish the likelihood of conception of your Sim for 10 (maximum amount) through who option that means that your sim will be pregnant every time Who will be engaged. For comparison, the installation of it on 5 will create the probability of pregnancy 50/50.

If you do not set the parameters for this mod, the mod itself will make it more realistic by reading the features of your sims. If Sim has a feature hates children, the likelihood that he risks and will not use protection will be much lower than that of Sim with the line hates children. lazy trait.


From the very beginning of The Sims franchise, there was a mosaic censorship template whenever Sim takes a shower or goes to the bathroom. This censorship does not have real nudity, it is just a tool for the transition of Sims to personal issues, such as bathing. However, this can distract some players, and they will want to remove the mosaic.

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of this using the No Mosaic mod from Moxie mason, which completely removes censorship . When he is dressed, he simply shows the rest of the clothes, which is usually under the tile. So, so far real nudity is not shown This can still be a funny change in your gameplay!

Evil whims

Evil whims Mod is definitely one of the most extensive on this list and is by no means intended for younger players of the series. Made by Turbo driver, it allows you to much more diversify the sexual actions of your Sim and adds realism. The mod includes functions such as connection in more random places, for example cabinets. You can also increase the likelihood that your Sims will undress only because they want it. This mod allows you to be a little to be alone… If you understand what we are talking about.

The features are also added, What can make your Sim more prone to the expression of its sexual deviant side through the flash, and they can even attend parties specifically for sims that love to flare up. Sexual abstinence as well as sexually seductive features also play a role in how often your Sims will have sex, as well as who actually attracts them. Mod definitely enriches the gameplay, adding many details. It also includes the use of menstruation, which EA is always missed from their games.

SIDA dating app

This mod, created by Littlemssam, represents Tinder SIM-Equi-Eviva in the gameplay. Your Sims can go on dates, scheduled blindly or chosen by themselves. And then they can see where things are going! They can also choose to pamper themselves sex for one night if the mood shakes them. This is perfect if you have a bachelor. It is available on your Sim’s mobile phone, and you can access it as ordinary events in the game. You can even get a bell!

Talk about pillows after VHU

This mod, created by Shimrod101, actually uses an animation intended for the main game that was deleted. So it is inspired by the official content of Sims 4! Instead of seeing the fireworks, when your Sims ended the Who session, the interaction can be changed so that your Sims have a little more time to communicate after fun. Possible animations include tickling a fight, general kisses and a whisper of sweet stupid things to their sexual partner. This is a very simple mod, but it is great for installation, simply because it adds the degree of immersion that is absent at present.

Mod RedapPlenet

With this mod, your sim can take part in Cybersex . Sims will have customers who will interact with them sexually through online chats, messages and video statements . Mod combines romantic interactions and mechanics of work. Interestingly, RedapPlenet allows you to satisfy your Sim’s needs for love through this career path, which means that you do not need to worry about them. **** be lonely or without romantic interactions.

Mod for adulthood

Mod for adulthood expands topics for talking your Sim . Instead of adhering to the same old jokes and admitting love through what looks like a Shakespearean monologue, you can ask them to discuss what adults actually do in the real world. Whether it is deception, drugs or this unfortunate SPPP , your SIM can now discuss these issues with friends. We know that this is inherently not a sex mot ode but it specifies other mods, creating it, so your SIM can talk about them after the matter is done!

Need help in finding inspiration while playing The Sims 4? Check out the tests of Best Sims 4 Build Challenges in Games for Professionals.

HSV duo stops working for weeks

Hamburger SV will certainly have to do without offensive gamers Bakery Jetta and also right-back Moritz Hair in the Bundesliga promo race in the coming weeks.

Both specialists suffered significant ankle joint injuries in the DFB Cup video game at RB Leipzig (0: 4) on Tuesday.
This was revealed by the second division club on Wednesday after MRI exams.
Jetta therefore wore a dual external strap tear in the ankle, Hair additionally suffered an outer band tear in the ankle joint as well as a strain on the syndesmosis.

It is still vague when both top performers Tim Walter will certainly be available once again.

Walking podcast, season 3, episode 1

Like every Wednesday, here is a new episode of walk , the pass in which Marina González and Jordi de Paco, of Deconstructed (The Red Strings Club, Essays on Empathy), explore creativity and video games chatting while walking by Valencia.

Today, Marina and Jordi walk and chat while they review what has happened in these months since the last episode: new games, new collaborations and how rest has been an essential oxygen chute to face what comes with good spirit.

Here you can see more by Selfie Harbor.

The list of books cited in the podcast can be found in Goo dreads.

We recommend you subscribe to the podcast on the platforms in which it is available: Spotify , Apple Podcasts , Google Podcasts , Audible , Cast , Stitcher . You can also add it with the RSS link to your favorite podcast player. Finally, you can also continue on YouTube (subscribing to our channel or through the playlist of the podcast walk).

Walk is a Podcast by Marina González and Jordi de Paco, produced by. The cover art is from Francisco Riotous; The audio is from Paula Ruiz.

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