Dreams under the sand scorching is a fourth part of the world chain of the Golden Sleep tasks, which describes in detail about the expedition of the archaeological group to Hajj-Nisut. After you find the clues in this area, you will be invited to pass three tests located to the west, north and south of the region.

Although you can pass three tests in any order, this leadership will lead you through all the solutions of puzzles to complete the test. north of Hajj-Nisut . You can find other puzzles below:

  • First test (West)
  • Third test (south)

How to go through three trials (2/3) in the world task Genshin Impact Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand Summer

Start with a sliding to the marker of the quest north of the Hajj-Nisut. You will find a building with a pyramidal entrance. Enter inside to find the control device above the stairs that you need to interact C to open the entrance to the floor below.

Turn left to the hole in the ground and jump down to find the locked control unit and the original design. win two waves of the primary structures to unlock the control unit, and interact with it to open the entrance below.

Spray through a new entrance (be careful, do not hurt when falling!) To find another locked control unit and the original design. This time you need to defeat four waves Primal Construct to unlock the control unit. interact with him to pass the second test.

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