Developer Damnation Games has launched a trailer with early access to PC (Steam) for the 2D multi-play shoe Heat and Run for PC (Steam).

This is a 2D platform-style shooting game that can play 4VS4 multiplayer. Choose from the eight unique heroes/heroines and play intense battles with players around the world. Players will win if they protect the opponent’s flame with Glock tails and dynamite, defending the defensive system, Flame.

There are currently two maps, Overgrown and Along, and there are three Relics to enhance the hero during battle, so you can play classic mode and custom mode. The matching is replenished by the bot, and the teammates can be exchanged by instant messages.

Early Access & Road Map

The early access period seems to change depending on the feedback of the community and the bug generation, and it is undecided. According to the future roadmaps, the official release 1.0 will add heroes, Relic, maps, and add three stages of tutorials, add new modes for watching mode and rank mode, XP. Many updates will be made, such as acquiring gold and being able to proceed with the game.


The 2D multi-play hero shooter HEAT AND RUN developed by the incandescent battle is currently distributing early access for PC (Steam) for 1,120 yen.